8 Latest Romantic Comedy Turkish Dramas in Hindi/Urdu Dubbed

Turkish Entertainment Industry is the world’s second-largest TV series Exporter. And due to the arrival of new shows, this industry is growing even more. Audiences who watch Turkish series love romantic Dramas and if it has situational comedy then it becomes more fun. There are many new Dramas in Hindi and Urdu dubbing in which we will know about 8 recent romantic comedy Dramas that you must watch this year.



cati kati ask (romance next door) Turkish Drama

Cati Kati Ask is the love story and also the story of friendship between 4 young people Ateş, Ayşen, Demir, and Yasemin whose characters are opposite to each other and they are from different social classes. Ayşen meets Ateş, whom she thinks is the Prince Charming of her dreams, and is very impressed by him; but then there are problems between them due to Ateş’s lies in the very first meeting, and on the other hand Demir and Yasemin get into an argument. But this was just the beginning of Ates and Yasemin taking the biggest lie when they go to take house rent in the Yilmaz family, so what will happen next?

This drama is available as Love idhar udhar on Turk1 and Drama central YouTube channel


Dolunay (full moon) Turkish drama

This is the story of Nazli (Ozge Gurel) and Ferit (can Yaman). Nazlı, who wants to become a professional cook, dreams of opening her own restaurant by learning Japanese cuisine. She becomes the private cook of her boss Ferit, whom she has not met. Rich businessmen Ferit and Nazli become close by various coincidences and open the door to an impossible love.


This Drama is available as full Moon on YouTube


firefly turkish drama

Barış (Seçkin Özdemir), a successful and lonely lawyer, crosses the road with Aslı (Nilay Deniz), an unruly taxi driver, who has faced the toughest case of her life. Believing that there is nothing left to discover in life, Barış’s adventure that starts with Aslı, who shines like a firefly, opening the doors of a world he does not know. These two find themselves in an adventure full of love. But this story starts with an accident due to which Barış has to face a big problem.

This Drama is available as Firefly on YouTube


love for rent turkish drama

Omer and Defne are from two opposite to each other and also belongs to different background. Here Defne is Unable to say no to the miracle that knocks on her door just as she says everything is over, she accepts the offer of a 6-month love game. Accordingly, she has to make Ömer, one of the most successful businessmen in the country, fall in love with her. In this terrible confusion, Defne faces one of the most real questions of life: Do we choose our love or does Love choose us?

This drama is available as Love for Rent on YouTube


perfect groom turkish drama

Melike is a girl who tells some little lies to convince her family that she can live with her own honor in Istanbul. Her family in Germany believes that Melike is an award-winning journalist, living in a wonderful house and will soon marry her doctor fiancee. In reality, Melike is a clumsy girl trying to live on the verge of hunger in the wild forest called Istanbul and will only write a horoscope for her journalism. Worst of all, socialite plastic surgeon Mehmet Çırağan, whom he lied to his family that they were wearing rings, is not engaged to Melike, but to her boss! One day, Melike manages to catch the news of her dreams. The scandal he learned will shake the country!

This Drama is available as Perfect Groom on YouTube


good day bad day turkish drama

Leyla (Elcin Sangu) is a beautiful girl who is dumped at her wedding day. While she is dreaming to get married to her lovely boyfriend Sarp (Ozan Dolunay), She cannot accept this situation and assumes that there must a reasonable explanation. With the suggestion of her friend, Leyla starts to work as a wedding planner and does her best to organize beautiful weddings. She gets a big shock one day when she learns Sarp and Melissa’s Wedding Organizing, Will Leela be able to find out the reason behind her breaking up with Sarp after 5 years and will Leela organize Sarp and Melissa’s wedding or not??

This drama is available as Good day Bad day on YouTube


Kazara Ask turkish drama in hindi

Civan is the son of the Saydam family and one of the two heirs of the family’s large glass company. His father Tahsin and his mother Neval do not like his lifestyle, so they put a condition on Civan that he has to show them that he is the child they want. If he doesn’t, he will lose the company of his dreams to his brother Okan.

Here Simal, the only daughter of the Karadeniz family, is about to graduate from the university. Her father Dursun, whom she has barely persuaded to study in Istanbul. Simal gets excited because She wants to introduce Kenan, the man who loves her and wants to marry Kenan with his father’s approval. However, her life does not progress as she imagines. The ‘accident’ she had and the ‘lie’ she had to tell her family after this accident take her life to a completely different place. Due to this accident and lie, Simal meets Civan. Simal and Civan decide to play a game so as not to disappoint their own families. However, this game does not go as planned.

This drama is available as Accidental Love on YouTube


sen cal kapimi (love is in the air) Turkish drama

Eda Yıldız won a scholarship to study abroad for the last year while she was the top student at the university, but when her scholarship is cut at the last moment, Eda’s life turns upside down, she is expelled from the university and remains a high school graduate. For months, he tries to reach Serkan Bolat, who has cut his scholarship but cannot meet him. She starts doing floristry with his aunt.

One day, when she learns where Serkan Bolat is going to give a speech, in the very first meeting, both of them start arguing. Because of one mistake, they have to spend a day handcuffed to each other. Eda’s impulsiveness, hatred for each other, and their irresistible attraction drag them into a game that they will have to play for a long time. This Drama is available as Love is in the air on MX Player.

So this was the List of the Latest released 8 Romantic comedy Turkish Dramas in Hindi/ Urdu Dubbed. These dramas are already very popular and you must have seen one or the other of these dramas. So comment on your favorite drama name.

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