Safir (Sapphire) TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story and How to Watch?

Safir (Sapphire) is a Turkish series that tells the story of the Gülsoy family becoming lost on dangerous roads full of emotion, passion, revenge, and brutal tests that change suddenly.

ORIGINAL NAMESafir – Saklı Kalan Bir Aşk
ENGLISH NAMESapphire: A Hidden Love Story
İlhan Şen
Burak Berkay Akgül
TELECAST PERIOD 4 September 2023
EPISODES5 (ongoing)
PRODUCERFatih Aksoy and Mehmet Yiğit Alp


The Gülsoy family, one of Cappadocia’s highest-profile families, sees their once-hailed lives come breaking down following a tragedy. The Gülsoy family comes together again in one location after a long time apart with the arrival of their oldest son Ateş Gülsoy (İlhan Şen) from America. Ateş, who lost his father in a car accident when he was a little child, left home because he wouldn’t bow down to his grandfather Mer’s absolute power.

He returned home after a long absence at his mother Gülfem’s request to work alongside his brothers Yaman Gülsoy (Burak Berkay Akgül) and Okan in taking over and growing the family business started by their grandpa. With fear for his brother’s return, Yaman chooses to propose to Feraye Yilmaz, his girlfriend.

Feraye Yilmaz (Özge Yağız), whose mother passed away while she was quite young, is now living with her father Muhsin, brother Etin, sister-in-law Nesrin, nephew Eren, stepmother Cemile, and her daughter Aleyna. For many years, her father, Muhsin has worked for the Gülsoy family. Since they were young children, Feraye and Yaman have been in secret love. When Yaman was a young kid, he discreetly stole the family treasure sapphire ring from his mother, Gülfem, and proposed to Feraye. A tragedy upsets all the balances as Feraye and Yaman count down the days before they can publicly declare their deep love and wed.

A terrible event that involves Yaman’s brother Okan turns into a dangerous conflict on the night of Feraye’s birthday, disrupting everyone’s life. Feraye and Yaman are left to discover risky paths that are filled with difficulties like bullying, revenge, and tests of love and passion.
Ateş, on the other hand, will encounter his brothers and make new enemies because of the extreme measures he takes to save everyone he loves.



Özge Yağız As Feraye Yilmaz
İlhan Şen As Ateş Gülsoy
Burak Berkay Akgül As Yaman Gülsoy

How to Watch the “Safir” Series with English Subtitles?

Watch Safir Series episodes on YouTube as The Sapphire.



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