Sakla Beni (Hide Me) TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Sakla Beni (Hide Me) is a new Turkish Series that tells the story of the destiny of Naz being altered by an interaction between Mete and Incila, her hated employee, wherein Naz planned everything with a poisoned desire.

STARRINGUraz Kaygılaroğlu
Cemre Baysel
Asude Kalebek
TELECAST PERIOD November 2, 2023 – continuing
EPISODES4 (Ongoing)
PRODUCEROnur Güvenatam
SCREENWRITERArmağan Gülşahin and Nergis Otluoğlu Akoğlu
Production CompanyOGM Pictures


Mete will return from abroad to marry Naz, a day Naz has been looking forward to since she was a child. Both families are happy, except Incila.

Rich and influential families have two favorite children: Mete (Uruz Kaygılaroğlu) and Naz (Asude Kalebek). They are both pampered and accustomed to having whatever they desire in life. Their story, which began with their families’ vow when they were young, continues toward marriage now because they are unable to separate from one another. However, Mete starts to doubt every choice he has ever made in life when Naz’s maid İncila (Cemre Baysel), who has been with him since childhood, unexpectedly shows up in front of him. Will İncila and Mete’s interaction alter the course of Naz’s story—which she wrote with all her stubbornness—and help Mete find genuine love?

Naz’s maid is Incila, and her life is like a punching bag. Naz and Incila didn’t even know how to survive apart as kids. Additionally, these two have developed the same love in their hearts which is Mete. Incila’s heart is stabbed like a dagger by the news of the wedding, despite trying her best to be happy for Naz. However, life has prepared this trio for a test that is more difficult than Incila predicted. She won’t be long before realizing that the suffering she is experiencing is insignificant.


Cemre BayselAs Incila
Uraz KaygılaroğluAs Mete
Asude KalebekAs Naz
Şenay GürlerAs Belgin
Ceyda DüvenciAs Filiz
Nilüfer AçıkalınAs Gülten
Sevinç ErbulakAs Füsun
Gökşen AteşAs Tansu


How to watch the Turkish series “Sakla Beni” with English subtitles?

“Sakla Beni” Episodes are available with English subtitles on Dailymotion


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