Top 10  Most Successful and Beautiful  Turkish Actresses 2023

IMG Credit: instagram

she has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her acting. Popular for Fatmagul, Aşk i Memnu etc...

10. Beren saat

9. Ayca Aysin Turan

She has 6.2M followers on Instagram. Popular for Meryem, Zemheri etc...

8. Burcu Ozberk

She won a Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actress in a Rom-Com Drama Afili Aşk. She has 9.4M followers on Instagram

7. Hazal kaya

She is best known for Feriha, Aşk i Memnu, Bizim Hikaye TV series. She has 7.7M followers on Instagram.

6. Tuba buyukustan

She is Turkey's most popular and highest paid actress. Popular for cesur ve güzel, Kara Para Aşk etc..

5. Demet Ozdemir

She is Turkey's second popular actress on Instagram with 15.9M followers. Popular for Erkenci Kus, Adim Farah

4. Özge Yağız

She is a young actress who became popular from Yamin Drama. She has 3.5M followers on Instagram

3. Hande Erçel

She is the most followed Actress of Turkey with 30M followers on Instagram. Popular for ALA, Halka etc..

2. Elçin Sangu

She has 8.6M followers on Instagram. Popular for Kiralik Aşk, Carpisma etc...

1. Özge Gürel

she is very beautiful and cute actress. Followed by 5.9M users on Instagram. Popular for Dolunay, kiraz mevsemi