10 Mafia-Based Romantic Turkish Dramas to Watch Now

Turkish dramas have gained popularity around the world because of their compelling storylines, well-developed characters, and high production quality. Additionally, they often explore universal themes such as love, family, and societal issues, making them relatable to a broad audience.


Here is the list of the 10 most romantic Mafia Turkish dramas that you can watch in Hindi or English subtitles. Let’s go.

10. Kuzgun


STORY: The highest price of this test will be paid by Kuzgun. Kuzgun, separated from his family and house, will transform into a twenty-year-old Shawshank.
Dila is profoundly impacted by Kuzgun’s covert disappearance. Dila lives her life with an unhealed wound in her heart from losing her childhood love. When Dila returns from her twenty-year study abroad trip in London, she has no idea that she will experience childhood love. Kuzgun, who protects the Guard, will encounter Dila on a mission. Kuzgun will shift the stones in everyone’s lives after this meeting, which will take place from Nevsehir to Istanbul, in addition to changing Dila’s life.

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9. Fedakar


STORY: The gripping tale of Tarik, who seeks revenge on the person who killed his sister, and Elif, who finds it hard to believe that the killer is her brother Sefer. Elif tries hard to protect his brother.


Watch “Fedakar” Episodes with English subtitles on YouTube

8. Yeni Hayat

STORY: Timur hires Adem as a bodyguard to protect his wife Yasmin, an ex-special forces soldier who will work for Yasemin. She, uses her beauty to seduce her bodyguard, Adem, allowing her to carry out her escape plan smoothly.

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7. Siyah Biyaz Ask

STORY: A doctor who has dedicated her life to helping others face off against a cold-blooded killer with a troubled history What happens when the lady who saves lives is kidnapped by the man who destroys them?

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6. Marasli

Marasli 2021 Story
Marasli 2021 Story

STORY: Marasli, a former soldier, is now the owner of a bookstore. Marasli’s life took a significant turn after his daughter was shot. When the stunning Mahur walks into Marasli’s bookshop one day, she unintentionally becomes engaged in an incident. Mahur’s life is saved by Marasli, and their paths would cross ever since.

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5. Kara Para Ask

STORY: Omar works as a policeman. He is in a great deal of pain following the loss of his fiancé. The body of Omar’s fiancée, Sibel, was discovered in a car next to an elderly, wealthy businessman at the edge of a cliff. Following the shock of her unexpected passing and the claims that his beloved had cheated on him, Omar comes to the conclusion that her strange murder had more depth.

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4. Halka


STORY: Two young men who have come together from different backgrounds stand together and oppose a plot. They pursue a history that never goes away. They reveal old journals, unclean cases, and both major and minor lies. Their lives involve intrigue, money, and the Mafia. They are up against Halka, whose horrific visage they have not yet seen.

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3. Aile

Aile series
Aile series

STORY: The protagonist of Aile is Aslan, a nightclub owner and the son of a big family. An incredibly cunning dude. He is an enigmatic and sinister figure. When psychologist Devin enters this challenging man’s life, things get intense.

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2. Ramo

STORY: The drama focuses on the enmity that arises between the two families and the wonderful love that emerges from this strife.

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1. Adim Farah

adim farah story
adim farah story

STORY: Iranian woman Farah, 28, observes a mafia-perpetrated murder in Istanbul while working as an illegal cleaner.

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These were the 10 Most romantic mafia Turkish dramas list. Comment your favorite Drama name.


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