5 Latest Turkish Series to watch in 2023

Due to the demand and popularity of Turkish Dramas, new series are released daily, full of romance, action, and suspense. So let’s take a look at these 5 latest released Turkish series that is worth watching for you in 2023.


5. Veda Mektubu – Farewell Letter

Veda mektubu series

Genre: Romantic

Released Date: 27 February 2023

Episodes: 1 Episode (ongoing)

Veda Mektubu Story:

Mehmet and Aslı disappear with a sudden decision. This comes as a shock to everyone. Seher, who sees Alanur and Ziya together years later, is left alone with her old pains. Despite all the obstacles against their love, Aslı and Mehmet are sure of their decision. With a letter years ago, Alanur and Ziya’s paths unexpectedly cross because of their children, and a breathtaking showdown takes place between the two families over young lovers. that their parents were lovers at one point in time, and they got separated but what next?


How to watch Veda Mektubu series?

Click Here To Watch Veda mektubu


4. Ego

Ego series

Genre: Romantic

Released Date: 5 February 2023

Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

Ego Story:

Sibel is a woman whose only priority in life is her job… Erhan is a man who works in Sibel’s company and is preparing to marry Elif, whom he loves very much… Erhan and Elif are an engaged couple who love each other very much. Their biggest expectation from life is to get married and start a happy family. The routine of their lives is disrupted by Erhan’s tragic event and Erhan is faced with a debt that is very difficult to pay. The offer made by Erhan’s boss Sibel will change their lives forever…

How to watch Ego Series?

Ego series on YouTube

3. Aile – Family

Aile series

Genre: Action – Romantic

Released Date: 7 march 2023

Episodes: Not yet

Story of Aile:

Aslan struggles to manage his family and criminal life and later he meets a psychiatrist Devin. But his mother considers Devin a threat to her family, so she will not allow them to be together.

Aslan breaks a very important rule of the Soykan Constitution for Devin from the very first night. This is enough for her mother Hülya, who feels an obsessive attachment to Aslan, to realize the great danger that is approaching; Devin. Hülya’s job, who has shown many times before that she can do everything to prevent her son from getting away from the family, will not be as easy as before this time.

How to watch Aile series?

Aile series will soon be on YouTube

2. Bozkir 2

Bozkir 2 series

Genre: Murder – Mystery

Released Date: 23 February 2023

Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

Story of Bozkir 2:

Seyfi Amir (Yiğit Özşener) and his new partner Payidar (Furkan Andıç) will try to uncover the mystery of mysterious events in ‘bozkır’.

How to watch Bozkir 2 series?

watch Bozkir from blu tv App

1. Adim Farah – My name is Farah

Adim Farah series

Genre: Crime Thriller

Released Date: 1 March 2023

Episodes: 1 (ongoing)

Story of Adim Farah:

Farah is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant. Moreover, his son Kerimsah’ has a disease. The immune system is naturally weak and susceptible to diseases. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. But Farah’s world is turned upside down overnight. She witnesses a murder committed by the mafia in a place she goes to clean and meets Tahir Lekesiz. Since she is an eyewitness to the murder, the mafia wants her killed and this task is given to Tahir.

How to watch Adim Farah series?

watch Adim Farah Click Here

and these are the 5 latest Turkish Dramas list to watch in 2023. comment your favorite series name


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