DUY BENI (TV Series) Story and Cast – Duy Beni (Hear Me)

Duy Beni is a Psychological thriller Turkish series Directed by Ali Balci. Duy Beni series is also popular as “Hear Me” in English. 



Rabia Soytürk As Ekim 

Helin Kandemir As Leyla

Caner Topçu As Kanat 

Sümeyye Aydoğan As Melisa 


Berk Hakman As Selim

Ege Kökenli As Bahar Aydın


The First Episode of Duy Beni was Broadcasted on 7 July 2022 on Star TV. This drama has created buzz ever since the first episode was telecast. Over 10 million people watched the first episode of this drama in Turkey seeing the popularity of the show, this drama has also been released on YouTube along with English Subtitles in The Title “Hear Me” And more than 2 million people have watched this drama with Subtitles. 

So now let’s know the story of this drama and why the audience is liking this drama so much, And from where you can watch this series, you will know all this after reading further so Let’s go. 


Ekim and Leyla are childhood Friends who live an ordinary life in one of the middle-class neighborhoods of Istanbul, The life of high school students Ekim and Leyla will be turned upside down by a tragic traffic accident that happens with Leyla, by Seeing her friend in agony, Ekim is very hesitant and she considers herself to be the reason for this, All Ekim remembers about the accident is the mask on the driver’s face and her friend Leyla, lying on the ground covered in blood.

Halil also sees this accident happening and follows that car too, further he sees that the car went to a private school. And he would also protest in front of that private school by depositing his fellow people. But the school board decides to try and ease the tension by giving out scholarships to three successful students from the neighborhood.

The principal of that school asks Halil to keep this accident a secret, so Halil also remains silent in greed. The incident is forgotten after a while. However, Ekim learns that Leyla will never be able to walk and this makes Ekim very sad. But she makes a promise to Leyla that she will catch the culprit of the accident by handing him over to the police and getting him locked up. Ekim now knew that The culprit is one of the rich and spoiled guys from the school.

This is not the only secret within Gerçek High School, It holds a much more dangerous truth behind its metal door and high walls like Bullying.. 

There are two popular students in the school, first Melissa who is the daughter of the owner of this school. The other student is Kanat who is a very angry boy and he is liked by half the girls in the school, first Melissa and kanat were in a relationship but due to the dark and ugly secrets of Melisa led to the breakup of two. But Melissa still likes kanat and tries to impress him. But after joining the school Ekim comes between kanat and Melisa, and starts liking kanat. 


As Ekim struggles to lift the dark curtain and ensure justice, her emotions will get in the way and her heart will be turned upside down. The violence led by a group of students puts Ekim and two other poor students in the school face to face with life. 

Watch how will Ekim and his 2 Friends Ayse and Bekir survive in the new school Where everyone sees these three with the eyes of a wolf. Will Ekim get the medal for the person who caused the accident? And how did Leela know kanat?

This is new series and if you are looking to watch some suspense and thrilling shows then check out the Duy Beni series which is available on YouTube in the name of Hear me. You can watch this drama with English subtitles. Let me remind you that this Drama has a new star cast (student characters). 


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