Gaddar TV Series (2024) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Gaddar is the story of Dağhan. After fighting in the military, Dağhan (Çagatay Ulusoy) returns home to find his neighborhood completely turned upside down. His love, Aydan (Sümeyye Aydoğan), has moved out of the area, and his family is in disarray. Seizing the chance, Kerem (Onur Saylak), also known as the müdür, extends an offer to him, and a series of events occur.

GENREAction Thriller
STARRINGÇağatay Ulusoy
Sümeyye Aydoğan
Onur Saylak
TELECAST PERIOD January 19, 2024
EPISODES4 (ongoing)
(FOX TV channel name changed)
DIRECTORSinan Öztürk
Production CompanyAy Yapım
MusicToygar Işıklı


Of the three children in the household, Dağhan is the oldest. He and his family lived in a middle-class neighborhood and lived modest lives.
His main goal has been to support and ensure the happiness of his family for as long as he can remember. For them, he had to put his own life on hold, including getting married to the woman he loved.

Following an argument with his father, Dağhan decides to join the military.
Yet to him, his girlfriend Aydan notices a beauty as he prepares to return from her trip.
It is revealed to him that she took part in the tournament. Unable to control his rage, he ends his relationship with Aydan and is placed in regret.
Joining special operations, he goes.

He decides to take a break and goes back to his hometown after going through some painful experiences. However, nothing is where he left it. Aydan, his ex-girlfriend, has vanished. It’s difficult to avoid their intense love since they have such a strong bond that even when they are apart, they are never truly separated.

In Dağhan, he places it… His relatives are spread out. He finds out that his brother left school to get involved in shady business, his sister fled with a boyfriend, and his parents were separated. It is he who maintains the stability of the house.

As it happens, after he left, everything went apart. The area is not the same as it once was; there are now terrible people there.
His former friends were engaged in a range of illegal activities. Nobody else found the money; it was the “Bey.”
He doesn’t inquire as to where the mill’s water supply comes from.


Another type that arises in such a chaotic environment is the müdür. Dağhan is offered a job by him.
“Triggering.” Dağhan strongly opposes that. However, he gets into problems while fighting to defend his best friend, Samet. To fulfill his obligation to the müdür when Samet passes away, Dağhan agrees to work as a hitman; otherwise, Samet’s wife and child will die! To protect their loved ones from terrible suffering, they will stop at nothing.
He understands that it is necessary.
His mental state collapses when he learns that Aydan, his lover, is having an affair with another man. His hopes of winning her back have ended. However, he also understands that his job puts his loved ones and family in danger. He needs to get even more evil if he wants to carry out this task and keep his loved ones safe.


Çağatay UlusoyAs Dağhan
Sümeyye AydoğanAs Aydan
Onur SaylakAs müdür
Hakan SalınmışAs Davut
Müge BayramoğluAs Şengül

How to Watch Gaddar Series with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Gaddar” on Dailymotion, EPISODE 1



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