Kendi Düsen Aglamaz TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Kendi Düsen Aglamaz is a 2023 romantic comedy Turkish drama starring Hakan Yılmaz, Selen Soyder, Enes Koçak, and Eylül Tumbar and directed by İnci Balabanoğlu Ahıska.


Kendi Düsen Aglamaz:

ORIGINAL NAMEKendi Düsen Aglamaz
GENRERomantic comedy
STARRINGEnes Koçak and Eylül Tumbar
TELECAST PERIOD (22 june 2023-)
DIRECTORİnci Balabanoğlu Ahıska
PRODUCERNazli Hepturk and Ugur Turkmen
SCREENWRITERGülbike Sonay Üte and Tuna Kıygı

Kendi Düsen Aglamaz STORY:

Alize Soner (Eylül Tumbar) is a young beautiful and selfish girl who lost her mother the day she was born and was spoiled by her father, she is social media addicted and love posting her daily life online and doesn’t care about others feeling and always want to keep herself in center of attraction and secretly misses her mom a lot. She lives with her father and her aunt (her father’s sister) and her aunt is upset with his brother(Alize’s dad) as he didn’t allow her to marry her lover. Alize’s father loves their neighbor (Sinem) and thinks of getting married to her as she is a nice lady who can take care of him and his daughter Alize.
Serkan Darica (Enes Koçak) is a young handsome and attractive boy who works as a car mechanic to earn money to take care of his family. His mother had died and he lives with his father, grandparents, and sister (who had left his husband’s house and lives in his father’s house and take care of her family).

On the day of Alize’s birthday, she was driving her car and Serkan was checking the car he repaired, both cars have an accident because of Alize’s fault, and Serkan’s car get damaged where Alize’s car doesn’t get any damage so both get in a fight and Serkan ask Alize to give money to damages she made but instead of apologizing she runs away and Serkan follows her car but she manage to not get him but still Serkan has her car number so he get that car details and her address and he goes to Alize’s house to take money from her.

Alize returns her home where a birthday party was arranged for her and she gets ready for the party and doesn’t tell anything about the car accident to her dad. When Serkan enter Alize’s house and ask for money for the damages she refuses to accept and Serkan and Alize’s friend starts fighting, when Alize’s father see all this he scolds Alize for her mistake in front of her friends she gets embarrassed and gets upset with her father and tells him that she misses her mother a lot because he didn’t take care of her properly, so then Alize’s father get sad of Alize’s words and then sinem take care of him and says he is a good father so at that time Alize’s dad propose sinem to marry him so she accepts the proposal and when Alize’s aunt get to know this she gets upset on her brother as he didn’t allow her to marry her lover and tells this to Alize. So at that time Alize gets angry with her father and says him that he can’t marry someone else so then Alize’s dad asks Alize to accept his feelings and even he will support her love feelings for someone, then Alize decides to marry someone whom his dad doesn’t like and to break his dad and sinem relationship.


Alize decides to fake a marriage with Serkan and goes to talk to him about her decision and gives Serkan an offer that she will give her money for car damage but he had to marry her for which Serkan doesn’t agree and ask her to go and Serkan inform this to Alize’s dad so he plans to teach her daughter a life lesson about humans value and tell Serkan to marry her for which Serkan agree and tell Alize that he is ready for marriage and they decides that they will be married for 6 months and she had to live in his house taking care of his family so Alize accept this offer so her father will break marrying with sinem and when Serkan’s family get to know that Serkan is getting married they get happy for Serkan but his sister doesn’t like Serkan decision. Both get married the next day and Alize thought her dad will not agree to her marriage, seeing her dad accepting her marriage Alize breakdown and decides to move into Serkan’s house and there serkan’s sister make Alize does housework and from their adventure starts Alize’s life.

Kendi Düsen Aglamaz is a story of Alize and Serkan and how Alize fell into the well dug by herself and got stuck. Alize and Serkan are opposite from each other but both are reliving the pain of living without their mother and seeing them falling for each other will be enjoyable. Will Alize be able to survive in Serkan’s house? Will Serkan and Alize’s dad be successful in teaching a lesson to Alize? When Alize will know her dad and Serkan’s plan will she forgive them? Will Alize and Serkan fall in love for real?


Where to watch Kendi Düsen Aglamaz Turkish Drama with english subtitles:

To watch Kendi Düsen Aglamaz Turkish Drama with english subtitles search on Google “Kendi Düsen Aglamaz Episodes in english subtitles” and you will get the result. And you can watch it on YouTube in the Turkish language without eng sub.

Kendi Düsen Aglamaz CAST:

Hakan Yilmaz – Nurettin Soner

Selen Soyder – Sinem Devran

Enes Koçak – Serkan Darica

September Tumbar – Alize Soner Darica

Hivda Zizan Alp – Serap Bıçakcı

Yonca Şahinbaş – Esma Soner

Berat Yenilmez – Kadir Darica

Yigit Kalkavan – Bahattin

Serhan Onat – Alp Demirkan

Baris Yalcin


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