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 My left side Turkish drama in Urdu dubbing


Drama Name: Sol Yanim (My Left Side)

Genre: Romantic Drama

Cast : Tolga Mendi, Ozge Yagiz

Episodes: 12

Broadcasting Date: 26 November 2020



Story of Sol Yanim


Serra (Ozge Yagiz) Lives with her mother Nilgun in a small shanty house and studies architecture at Kuzey University in Istanbul. She is a mature, responsible, and beautiful young girl who does part-time jobs to earn money and support her living expenses.

She works part-time as a housekeeper in a five-star hotel, One day Serra’s life changes by a sudden misunderstanding. In the hotel, She returned a missing bag from a businessman where the man offers her a ride in the Limousine car. Serra accepts the offer from the businessman.

While entering the university every one where assume that she comes from a very rich family also the popular students try to understand this mysterious girl. Biricik and Burak become extremely curious about this beautiful girl who gathers everybody’s attention.

Meanwhile, Selim is the most popular student at Kuzey University. He is handsome, arrogant, and rich. He has everything in life but no love in his family. After his mother’s death, he has not gotten along well with his father Ihsan, who has married Asena. Ihsan has high expectations from his son but Selim doesn’t care about his life and lives as he likes. 

The life of Selim and Serra intersects when The head of the schoolmaster Onur, who is Ihsan’s son-in-law, assigns Serra as a private tutor for Selim. He thinks that Selim could improve his grades if he closely studies with a successful student Serra. 

Serra and Selim start to study together but have argued with each other for no reason. But they have strong prejudices towards each other, and spend time together and start to understand each other. 

But Will Selim forgive his father and live in peace afterward? Will Selim and Serra fall in love with each other? What happens when Selim realize that they belong to different social status and family background? 

Sorry, episodes had to be Deleted due to copyright infringement. 


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