Terzi (The Tailor) Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Terzi (The Tailor) is a Mystery Turkish Series that tells the story of a well-known tailor Piyami who returns to Istanbul carrying a secret after a traumatic trip to his homeland. His best friend Dimitri is hiding a secret of his own, too. Terzi series is directed by Cem Karcı and produced by Onur Güvenatam.

Do You Know?

The Tailor is partially based on a true story. written by a Famous writer, Dr. Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu.

GENREThriller – Mystery
Production Company OGM Production

Terzi (The Tailor) Story

Piyami is a young, well-known tailor who inherited his grandfather’s expertise and successful company. Peyami must deal with his family and his traumatic background when he learns of the death of his grandfather. Peyami was brutally bullied as a child because her father, Mustafa, is handicapped. So when her strict grandmother Sülün shifts to Istanbul to live with Peyami. He hides his father Mustafa from everyone around him, including his childhood closest friend Dimitri. Piyami doesn’t want to let anyone know about the mental condition of his father Mustafa, If this thing comes into the media then people can make fun of him and no one will do business with him in the future.

Peyami quickly finds Mustafa’s caretaker, not realizing he has just employed Esvet, who has fled her abusive fiancé Dimitri and has begun living under a false identity. As the story grows, Dimitri, Esvet, and Peyami’s secrets are revealed in ways that risk their path in life.


Piyami finds his parents’ wedding photo, but his mother’s face is erased. Now Piyami has a mission to find his mother, who left him and his father Mustafa years ago. Piyami has many questions to ask his mother. so what will happen next? To know more Watch Terzi (the tailor).


Terzi (The Tailor) Cast

Çağatay Ulusoy As Peyami

Dokumacı Sifanur Gül As Esvet

Salih Bademci As Dimitri

Olgun Simsek As Mustafa

Berrak Tüzünataç As Cemre

How to Watch Terzi (The Tailor) Series in English Dubbed?

Terzi (The Tailor) Series is available on Netflix in English Dubbed.

Terzi (The Tailor) Season 2 Update

The first season of the Terzi Series has 7 episodes and the story also ends in mid, so season 2 of this series will air on 28 July 2023 on Netflix.


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