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Romantic series are an all-time favorite and the Turkish television industry knows better than to capture them in a proper way you will get to know about the best 10 new romantic Turkish series that you can’t miss out on this year. Although you are not in love, these series will make you fall in love and so addicted to love. So read the complete list of series and try not to fall in love.


10. Ada Masalı (2021) 

English name: Be My Sunshine, Island tale

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Ayça Aysin Turan, Alp Navruz

IMDb: 8.1

ada masali

This love story is of Haziran and Poyraz. Where Haziran works in an architecture company and to get a promotion goes to kiralangic island where she meets poyraz. Poyraz lives with his grandmother (who is paralyzed) and owns an olive oil manufacturing company which is at a loss. Haziran traps poyraz and click photos of his financial statement and send them to his boss but what will happen when both fall in love with each other and how will poyraz react when he will know that Haziran cheated on him? To know all these answers watch Ada Masalı. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

9. Aşkın Tarifi (2021) 

English name: Recipe of Love

Genre: Romantic


Starring: Kadir Dogulu, Serra Aritürk

IMDb: 4.6

The story begins with Firat whose fiancee deny to marry him on the wedding day because of Taylan, who is a relationship expert and also hosts a show on relationship advice Firat’s fiancee also attends that show, and Taylan talks badly about Firat. Then Firat gets to know that Taylan is getting married to Naz and decides to break their relationship. Naz owns a restaurant and Firat applies for work there and gets the job he tries his best to separate Taylan and Naz but in the middle of all this, he fell in love with Naz what will next happen in this story? To know this watch Askin Tarifi. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

8. Kazara Aşk (2021) 

English name: Accidental Love

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Ümit Kantarcilar, Sude Zulal Güler

IMDb: 5.0

kazara ask

This is the story of accidental love between Civan and simal. Civan is a playboy who is the owner of a glass manufacturing company and marries nazli as she lies to him about her false pregnancy but after knowing the truth civan wants to take a divorce with nazli. Simal comes to Istanbul for her studies without her father’s permission and falls in love with a doctor named Kenan but he doesn’t want to marry simal. And both Civan and simal have an accident together and from there on both love stories started. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

7. Cam Tavanlar (2021) 

English name: Love Reserved, Glass Ceilings

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Bensu Soral, Kubilay Aka

IMDb: 5.9

cam tavanlar

This story is about Leyla and Cem. Leyla is an independent, hardworking, and successful businesswoman and CEO of the Asude restaurant chain but the partners of the restaurant decide to replace the CEO Leyla, and appoint Cem. As the restaurant owners think that Leyla can’t handle all the responsibilities as she is a woman. But what will happen when Leyla will get to know about Cem and will their romantic past affect their present and will they again fall in love or not? To know this watch Cam Tavanlar. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

6. Içimizden Biri (2021) 

English name: One of us

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Bora Akkas, Özge Yagiz

IMDb: 6.0

icimizden biri

This is the love story of  Havva and Adam. Havva whose Alydag family is a reputed family in Turkey and Adam who is a photographer belongs to an Irish Christian family and his dad is a priest both families are a typical family who doesn’t like inter-religion marriage but what will happen when Havva and Adam both fall in love and decide to get married. It will be more fun to watch ozge yagiz in a romantic comedy-drama after the huge popularity of Yemin and sol yanim. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

5. Kalp Yarası (2021) 

English name: Heart wound

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Gökhan Alkan, Yagmur Tanrisevsin

IMDb: 6.8

kalp yarasi

The story begins with Firat who loves his childhood friend Hande and before getting married to her, firat gets to know that Hande is cheating on him and to take revenge on her and to make her jealous decide to contract a marriage with Ayse who belongs to a poor family and need money to survive so she accepts firat deal and agrees to contract marriage. And will firat and ayse really fall in love with each other or not? To know this watch kalp Yarası. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

4. Menajerimi Ara (2020) 

English name: Call my Agent

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Ahsen Eroglu, Deniz Can Aktas

IMDb: 7.5

menajerimi ara

This is the story of Dicle and Baris. Dicle comes to Istanbul from Antalya to work in the entertainment industry and meets his dad who has left her and her mom in the very beginning but her dad doesn’t know that she is his daughter and even he doesn’t want to accept her. And Baris is an actor and is a client of a talent agency where Dicle works as an assistant to actors while working with Baris both fall in love with each other but because of their profession, they can’t be together and know more about this story watch Menajerimi ara. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

3. Sen Çal Kapımı (2020) 

English name: Love is in the Air, You Knock On My Door

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin

IMDb: 7.5

sen cal kapimi

This love story is of Serkan and Eda. Eda is a hardworking and ambitious girl who wants to pursue her education abroad through a scholarship but due to some reason Eda’s scholarship gets canceled and she thinks it all happened because of Serkan as he owns that company that provides scholarships to students. On the other hand, Serkan is a successful businessman but fails in his love life as his ex-girlfriend decides to marry someone else. So Serkan asks Eda for a fake engagement as he assures her of a scholarship in return to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. So will they actually fall in love or not. To know this watch sen cal kapimi. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

2. Ask mantik intikam (2021) 

English name: Love Logic Revenge

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Burcu Özberk, İlhan Şen

IMDb: 7.2

ask mantik intikam

This story follows the life of Esra and Ozan. Esra whose family conditions are not good but she wants to lead a good life and decides to marry Ozan who is a software engineer but after marriage, Ozan resigns from his job in order to build his own software and during this crisis time Esra could not live with him so she takes divorce with Ozan. But after 2 years Ozan becomes CEO of the company and Esra works under that company and will Ozan forgive Esra and move forward with her or not. To know this watch Ask Mantik Intikam. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]

1. Baht Oyunu (2021) 

English name: Twist of Fate

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Aytaç Sasmaz, Cemre Baysel

IMDb: 7.4

baht oyunu

This is a beautiful romantic drama between Ada and Bora. Ada likes Ryuzgar but he doesn’t like her and loves Tugce who works with him in the same office. And Ryuzgar to get Turkish citizenship makes a fake marriage with Ada. Ada gets Ryuzgar, work in the same office and there meets Bora from there on Bora and Ada’s romantic funny journey starts which Will make you fall in love with them and I highly recommend you to watch this series and try not to love them. [Top 10 New Romantic Turkish Dramas]


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