Yan Oda TV Series (2024) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Yan Oda is a new Turkish series. Yan Oda tells the story of Sevgi Ersoy marrying Fikret Alabey, a prominent businesswoman in Turkey, in an unexpected wedding following the downfall of her career as a well-known TV anchor. This unexpected marriage has surprised everyone.

Caner Cindoruk
Nazan Kesal
Onur Seyit Yaran
Derya Pınar Ak
Bülent Polat
TELECAST PERIOD March 10, 2024
DIRECTORÇağrı Vila Lostuvalı
PRODUCEROnur Güvenatam
SCREENWRITERMehmet Barış Günger
Rana Mamatlıoğlu
Production CompanyOGM Pictures
MusicAtakan Ilgazdağ
Şahin Kurnaz


A secret marriage brings together the lives of Sevgi, an unsuccessful host, and Fikret, the top businessman in Turkey. Now, however, comes the most difficult part. When they tell their families about the marriage, nobody is happy about it.

Sevgi claims that despite Cevale and Selale’s objections, their situation encourages them to move to Fikret’s home. In the Alabeys’ home, the same discussions continue, and Taylan and Nurcihan address the idea of living together. Trying to find a way to counter Cevale’s argument for not moving, Fikret arranges a remarkable shifting technique for him.

The moment these two families, whose lifestyles could not be more different, gather together, chilly breezes blow, indicating that big problems are about to break out. To encourage socialization, Sevgi and Fikret take their kids to dinner. But Selale finds it difficult to observe Taylan’s way of living. They find themselves in an incomprehensible scenario as their disagreements intensify.

After her career as a well-known TV anchor declined, Sevgi Ersoy unexpectedly married one of the top businesspeople in Turkey, Fikret Alabey. Everyone is surprised by this unexpected marriage. Both Fikret and Sevgi have experienced difficult marriages in the past. Realising their ambitions of living their second spring would not be simple for the couple. Because marriage unites the two of them and their very diverse families. The fact that these two completely different families move in together will cause more issues than Sevgi and Fikret anticipated and impact everyone’s life, particularly their mother, who takes this marriage very personally. In particular, their kids, Taylan and Őelale, who had to share rooms next to each other…


Sevval SamAs Sevgi Ersoy Alabey
Caner CindorukAs Fikret Alabey
Onur Seyit YaranAs Taylan Alabey
Derya Pınar AkAs Şelale Yıldırım
Nazan KesalAs Nurcihan Alabey
Derya KaradaşAs Pervin Kahraman

How to WatchYan OdaSeries with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Yan Oda” on Dailymotion, EPISODE 1



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