Yıldızlar Bana Uzak TV Series (2023) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Yıldızlar Bana Uzak is the story of Kadir and Asli, whose lives shatter in the tale of enduring love as they suffer imprisonment and dark family secrets, threatening their desire for happiness.

ORIGINAL NAMEYıldızlar Bana Uzak
ENGLISH NAMEThe Stars Are Far From Me
GENRERomantic Thriller
STARRINGFurkan Andıç
Burcu Kıratlı
Rami Narin
TELECAST PERIOD 31 December 2023 – continuing
EPISODES3 (Ongoing)
DIRECTORBahadır İnce
Production CompanyO3 Medya & Ortaks Production


Asli and Kadir, best friends who have been madly in love for years, are ready to fulfill their dreams. The couple is overjoyed by Kadir’s marriage proposal to Asli. This proposal, however, is bad news for others. Particularly for Han Varnalı… Han has devised a devious plan to stop this marriage. Kadir is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and as the murderer of the woman’s father. While Asli is in the trauma of her father’s death, later Kadir and the people of Varnalı will be face-to-face. Kadir only has one thing now, which is revenge from Varnalı. Yahya will be Kadir’s guide in prison.

Their love will not be forgotten or vanquished by the passage of time. Asli and Kadir… It’s like a sacred bond that will be remembered for the rest of one’s life. While everything is going just as planned, Kadir is arrested as the murderer of Asli’s father, erasing all positive memories.
While the effect of this hit has sent Asli away, Kadir now has just one goal. To prove his innocence and take revenge on his Varna family, along with Yahya, who guided him in prison…
But on this difficult path, there are truths to be revealed and a love about to be reborn from the ashes.


Furkan Andıç As Kadir Erdem
Burcu Kıratlı As Aslı
Rami NarinAs Han Varnalı
Murat DaltabanAs Orhan Varnalı
Gürkan UygunAs Yahya Aldemir
Baran Can EraslanAs Samet Aldemir

How to Watch Yıldızlar Bana Uzak Series with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Yıldızlar Bana Uzak” on YouTube, EPISODE 1


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