10 New Turkish Dramas in Hindi/Urdu 2024 – check out now

10 new Turkish dramas in Hindi/Urdu 2024. Turkish TV dramas have been extremely popular all around the world recently. These dramas for television attract viewers with their engaging narratives and excellent production standards, frequently combining aspects of comedy, romance, and mystery.


10. Gizli Sakli

Story: Naz, who recently completed her training at the police school, resides with her protective mother and uncle. To take down a mafia lord, the police force teams up with the psychotic police officers Pamir and Naz on a covert mission.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release: 2023
Watch now: it is available as Double Duty on my Telegram Yaan Info.

9. Aşkımız Yeter

Story: A newly married couple holds to each other in the morning and gets through every difficult circumstance by getting strength from their love.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release: 2023
Watch now: it is available as Marriage et on my telegram Yaan Info.

8. Kurt Seyit & Sura

Story: The story of the love between a wealthy Russian woman named Sura and a Turkish army major named Kurt Seyit during the Russian Revolution and the final days of the Ottoman Empire’s rule. In a war, they get separated.
Genre: Historical Romantic
Release: 2014
Watch now: it is available as Saif Aur Haya ki Kahani on YouTube.

7. Her Yerde Sen

Story: After owning the same house, Selin and Demir must live together. When Demir joins the company where Selin works and as manager, every gets shocked now the company will become essential.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release: 2019
Watch now: it is available as Jahan tum wahan hum on YouTube.


6. Lale Devri

Story: Lale, the daughter of a wealthy but secular family on the verge of bankruptcy, and Çinar, the son of a newly wealthy but conservative family, tie the knot in a deeply romantic ceremony. However, Çinar was originally loved by Yesim, Lale’s dominant sister.
Genre: Romantic
Release: 2010
Watch now: this is the old drama that is being reuploaded in HD Quality.it is available as Lale Devri on Youtube.

5. Aziz

Story: Aziz Payidar is compelled to leave his father’s home and his great love, Dilruba, behind after killing a French Officer in the series. Aziz returns to the city after it has been forgotten about the incident. but now life is not the same.
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Release: 2021
Watch now: it is available as Aziz on Youtube.


4. Kan Cicekleri

Story: Their uncle wishes to reignite the rivalry so that Dilan and Baran are forced to wed to put an end to it and save their brother. Strong winds will blow between two hearts in this conflict-ridden romance, but will it lead to a legal marriage?
Genre: Romantic Revenge
Release: 2022
Watch now: it is available as Vendetta on YouTube.

3. Elimi Birakma

Story: Azra is a bright young girl who had it all up until the day her father turned up dead. On the other hand, Cenk is a typical spoiled kid of a successful family. Azra and Cenk met during a difficult period when Cenk was angry with himself for his father’s death.
Genre: Romantic
Release: 2018
Watch now: officially available on Tabii Watch YouTube channel as Hold My Hand. Also, watch for free on my telegram channel Yaan Info.

2. Ilk ve Son

Story: A decade of wild love between Deniz and Baris is described. the romance, which began in their mid-20s and continued until their late 30s, between young lovers. now As their relationship was at its breaking point, it seemed like an interminable day and night.
Genre: Romantic Mystery
Release: 2022
Watch now: This series is available on Hungama App as “Love and Lovers”.

1. Hayaller ve Hayatlar

Story: In Istanbul’s lower-class neighborhoods reside four intelligent young women. Their friend’s untimely death changes their lives. In addition to pursuing their aspirations, they will attempt to identify the killer of their friend, Meryem.
Genre: Romantic Mystery
Release: 2022
Watch now: This series is available on Amazon Mini TV as “Dreams and Realities”.

Here are the 10 Turkish dramas which are only in Hindi-Urdu dubbing. Please comment on which drama you want to watch first. All these dramas are full of entertainment, you must watch them all once.

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