Bahar TV Series (2024) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Bahar is a new Turkish series that is becoming quite popular in Turkey. The Bahar series’s first episode got 17 million views on YouTube. It tells the story of Bahar, who is a housewife who left her medical career twenty years ago and wants to continue her medical career again but finds it difficult to adjust to a job full of shocks.

GENRERomantic Medical Comedy
Buğra Gülsoy
Mehmet Yılmaz Ak
Hatice Aslan
TELECAST PERIOD February 14, 2024
EPISODES7 (ongoing)
DIRECTORNeslihan Yesilyurt
PRODUCERAsena Bülbüloğlu
Production CompanyMF Production
MusicAytekin Ataş


Bahar decided not to become a doctor after graduating from medical school twenty years ago and instead became a homemaker. Bahar dedicates her life to her spouse and children, Timur Yavuzoğlu, her accomplished surgeon husband. Bahar’s illness shocks the Yavuzoğlu family, who appear to be very happy on the outside. Evren, Bahar’s physician, is committed to saving her life and believes a liver transplant is the only way to do it. The only family member whose liver is suitable is Timur!
Nothing will be the same going forward for the Yavuzoğlu family, who were put to the test with an extremely high threshold!
Upon confronting mortality, Bahar will discover a different side of her relatives, especially her outwardly “ideal” husband, Timur.

Timur is shocked to learn that Bahar has been admitted to the hospital. At present, Timur, Aziz, and Bahar are all in the same hospital. They choose to keep their familial connections secret despite working here as a team. Timur and Rengin begin plans for Bahar to be sent away. Once more, Evren will be the one to support and assist Bahar the most while she is in the hospital.
Bahar makes an effort to adjust to her dual duties as a mother at home and an assistant doctor at the hospital. Nevra continues to hold Bahar accountable for this, accusing her of being a bad mother. The tension in the family grows because Bahar’s first day of work at the hospital comes on Umay’s birthday. When everything terrible occurs to Umay, Bahar will start to second-guess her decision.

On the other hand, the unexpected illness of Bahar will impact every aspect of the family’s dynamics. Evren will be Timur’s opponent throughout this process in every way. Through tragicomic story-telling, Bahar’s reconstruction of her life will inspire hope in the audience.


Demet EvgarAs Bahar Yavuzoğlu
Buğra GülsoyAs Evren Yalkın
Mehmet Yılmaz AkAs Timur Yavuzoglu
Hatice AslanAs Nevra Yavuzoğlu
Ecem ÖzkayaAs Rengin Çevik
Fusun DemirelAs Gülçiçek Özden


BAHAR Turkish Series is the official remake of a South Korean Series “Doctor Cha” released in 2023.


How to WatchBaharSeries with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Bahar” on Dailymotion, EPISODE 1



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