16 New Turkish Series With English Subtitles on Youtube

Over the years, the Turkish Series has increased in popularity worldwide. They cover a range of genres, such as comedy, romance, historical fiction, and drama. Turkish TV series are renowned for their outstanding production standards, compelling plotlines, and skilled actors. So Here are some New Turkish Series With English Subtitles that you can watch on YouTube in 2023.


1. Ask Mantik Intikam

Ask Mantik Intikam STORY

Esra works as a waitress, and she is tired of the hardships of life. So to change her standard of life, she makes a marriage of convenience with Ozan, an engineer. However, she has to end this marriage when she faces financial and emotional difficulties. After the divorce, Ozan starts a software company and becomes very rich. And one day Esra starts working in this company.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


How to watch “Ask Mantik Intikam” With English Subtitles?


Watch From Here Cunning Single Lady




Kemal, an enthusiastic detective, and Settar, an experienced partner, are tasked with looking into a body found in the Bosphorus. As Kemal and Settar deal with the corpse, a number of murders start. Kemal and Settar are working to investigate the mystery surrounding these murders with the assistance of Yaşar, a university instructor. The crew discovers a long-kept secret as they continue investigating mysterious killings.

GENRE: Murder, Detective


How to watch “Alef” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Aleph

3. EGO

ego series
ego series


Sibel is a woman whose career is her main target in life. Erhan, a man who works for Sibel’s company, is getting ready for marriage to Elif, whom he loves deeply. Sibel discovers that she will not be able to become a mother after having surgery to remove cysts from her uterus, and Erhan loses everything in the stock market. After Sibel makes an offer to Erhan, the lives of these two diametrically opposed individuals—who reached their lowest point on the same day—will never be the same.

GENRE: Romantic


How do watch “Ego” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Ego

4. Yeşilçam

Yeşilçam STORY

In the 1960s, Semih Ateş (Cagatay Ulusoy), a producer with a love of film, lived in Yeşilçam. The series focused on the life of Semih Ateş, a young man who made the popular movie Swallow Season, lost his wife and his work, but never lost his love of films. He did this by starting a new production company named Büyük Ateş Film and starting to realize his goals from nothing. It’s all about starting.

GENRE: Historical – Romantic


How do watch “Yesilcam” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Yesilcam

5. Oh Nerede

Oh Nerede STORY

Ferit, who is handsome and flirty and whose entire existence is centered around ladies, and young girls who dream of marrying him, plays like a spoilt kid when she is the center of attention and never settles for just one. He had three completely distinct loves, and he handled them all with finesse. till he runs into Zehra. Upon realizing they have been fooled, Burçak, Nihal, and Sera join together to devise a plan of revenge. Just like Ferit crushed their hearts, they will do the same to Ferit’s

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


How do watch “Oh Nerede” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Oh Nerede

6. Ada Masali

10 Romantic Turkish Dramas
10 Romantic Turkish Dramas

Ada Masali STORY

When Haziran goes to the mentioned land, she meets Poyraz. Poyraz tries to throw her out of the factory with the tourist group. They are annoyed with each other from the very first moment. Meanwhile, Haziran gets the information the boss needs. While she can’t wait to return to Istanbul, which she loves so much, she meets her aunt whom she hasn’t seen for years. When they miss the ferry, they have to stay on the island. Finding herself dancing with Poyraz in a dance competition without realizing what happened, Haziran soon learns that she has been misled by her boss. Moreover, she realizes that the person she hurt unintentionally is Poyraz. Determined to fix the damage she caused, Haziran goes to Poyraz with an offer.

GENRE: Romantic


How do watch “Ada Masali” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Island Tale

7. Fedakar


Fedakar STORY

With the help of his young nephew Ayşe, Tarik is putting together a surprise birthday celebration for his sister Yeşim. When Yeşim visits her husband that day at work, she overhears her Husband Sevgi complaining to his sister Güzide about how he never loved Yeşim and how he is tired of this fictitious marriage because Güzide wants Tarik and the family’s money. Yeşim is stunned by the information and immediately runs outside to tell Tarik about their evil plans. When Güzide realizes her intentions are about to fail, she calls a guy to follow Yeşim and stop her from meeting Tarik before she does. However, things go horribly wrong, the man unintentionally shoots Yeşim, and she goes murdered immediately.

GENRE: Revenge – Romantic


How do watch “Fedakar” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Fedakar


Duy Beni Series With English Subtitles
Duy Beni Series With English Subtitles


The life of high school student Ekim, who lives an ordinary life in one of the middle-class neighborhoods of Istanbul, is turned upside down by a tragic traffic accident that happens before her eyes. All Ekim remembers about the accident is the mask on the driver’s face and her friend Leyla, lying on the ground covered in blood. After finding out that the car that hit Leyla and ran, is hiding in Gerçek Private High School, which has a campus very close to the neighborhood, the neighbors rebel. The car disappears off the face of the Earth at the school where the children of wealthy and privileged families attend. The incident is forgotten after a while.

However, Ekim has no intention of letting those who made her friend bedridden go. The culprit is one of the rich and spoiled kids from the school. This is not the only secret within Gerçek Private High School, “a hell, concealed as heaven”. It holds a much more dangerous truth behind its metal door and high walls. Bullying!

GENRE: Romantic – Thriller


How do watch “Duy Beni” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Hear Me

9. Sol Yanim

sol yanim in urdu Dubbed
Sol yanim in Urdu Dubbed


Serra is responsible for looking after her mother in addition to working at a five-star hotel and receiving financial aid to attend a private institution. Selim, the affluent Kutlusay Family’s heir apparent and a student at the same university, is criticized by his family, particularly by his father, Ihsan Kutlusay, for his lack of interest in his studies and his preference for amusement.
Due to an incident at the hotel, Serra, who is attempting to skip employment in order to catch up on class, travels to school by limousine. While Serra’s renown grows quickly at school, their chance encounter with Selim would fundamentally alters both of their lives.

GENRE: Romantic

ENGLISH NAME: My left Side

How do watch “Sol Yanim” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here My Left Side

10. Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Sen Anlat Karadeniz STORY

Nefes was a child bride who was sold to a businessman. Captured by her husband, she has become the victim of violence with her son. She failed to escape from her husband, Vedat, and every attempt resulted negatively. Nefes struggled to explain every beating of Vedat to her son, trying to convince him that this was just a game. Nefes’ brother, her only relative, died when rescuing her. A businessman from the Blacksea region, Mustafa, travels to Istanbul to make new agreements with Vedat and he brings his family along with him. Mustafa and his family stay in Vedat’s house and Mustafa’s young brother Tahir notices that Nefes is affected by domestic violence. Unfortunately, Tahir can’t do anything to help Nefes.

However, Nefes makes plans again that evening to escape from the house and she hides in Tahir’s van with her son. She plans to get out of the van after leaving home and start a new life with her son. But things don’t go as planned, Nefes and her son fall asleep in the back of the van. They find themselves in Trabzon, Blacksea. Tahir discovers these two fugitives in Trabzon and he doesn’t have a clue that he’ll get into a big battle to save them.

GENRE: Romantic


How do watch “Sen Anlat Karadeniz” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Lifeline

11. Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk

Kuzey Yıldızı İlk Aşk STORY

Kuzey and Yıldız are two stubborn goats on a bridge, two angry waves of the same sea. Yildiz has been in love with Kuzey for as long as she can remember. He hasn’t seen anyone else but him. Since the families are close friends of each other, Kuzey and Yıldız immediately promise marriage. However, when Kuzey goes to Istanbul to study at university, he forgets all the promises he made and sets sail for new loves. Kuzey, who learns about this situation in his family and Yıldız, is excommunicated by everyone in the village, including his own family.

GENRE: Romantic

ENGLISH NAME: The North Star First Love

How do watch “Sen Anlat Karadeniz” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here The North Star First Love

12. Ariza


Taxi driver Ali Rıza Altay’s house in the Kulaksız neighborhood is hectic. Ali Rıza is getting his sister Nihan married the next day. Nihan’s twin, Mert, also takes his letter and comes at night. In the midst of all this rush, Ali Riza continues to drive for a living. On the other hand, Halide Gürkan attends the magnificent invitation given by Fuat Ersoylu for the 70th birthday of her father Haşmet Gürkan.

During this invitation, Fuat Ersoylu’s last Burak proposes to Halide, but Halide does not accept. At the end of the discussion with Burak, Halide leaves the invitation and takes the taxi of Rıza, who was there at the time.

When Burak, who is after him, tries to pick him up from the taxi, Ali Rıza intervenes and a fight breaks out. Burak gets the first slap of his life from Ali Rıza. Burak does not forget this and later raids Rıza’s sister’s wedding. Halide also came to the wedding, anticipating what would happen. However, things get out of control. And after that night, nothing will ever be the same again for either Ali Riza or Halide.

GENRE: Romantic – Action


How do watch “Ariza” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Ariza

13. Cam Tavanlar

Cam Tavanlar STORY

We’re in a world in which women climb the stairs one by one while men climb up right away with the elevator. Leyla is an ambitious, hardworking, and powerful woman right in the middle of this world… She’s the CEO of the chain restaurant that she built tooth and nail… Leyla is trying to protect her existence as a woman in the men’s world. She starts to struggle with the consequences of a sudden fire in the restaurant, but she’s not aware of the imminent problem…
When Leyla crosses paths with Cem Kumcu who is a successful executive, marks the beginning of an attraction that won’t easily fade away. As the flames burn higher; struggle, competition, conflict, and love will overheat. The two of them will find themselves in the middle of a huge battle. Let’s see if this battle will have a winner.

GENRE: Romantic

ENGLISH NAME: Love Reserved

How do watch “Cam Tavanlar” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here Love Reserved

14. Son Yaz

Son Yaz Series
Son Yaz Series


Idealist prosecutor Selim Kara(Ali Atay) crosses paths unexpectedly with a young man named Akgün(Alperen Duymaz) who grew up in a world of crime. Prosecutor Selim has to bring the dangerous and emotional boy to his family, to Çeşme Adalet Gated Community. On one hand his failing marriage and family slipped from his hands, on the other a troublesome youth Akgün whom he swore to protect. Another summer is ending in the Aegean region and it’s actually the ”The Last Summer” before the storm when everything goes upside down for Selim, Akgün, and everyone around them.

GENRE: Romantic- Action

ENGLISH NAME: The Last Summer

How do watch “Son Yaz” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here The Last Summer

15. Soz


Yavuz Karasu, a well-trained Turkish soldier, is in Istanbul with his fiance where a terrorist operation takes place. Dr. Bahar, who is not a surgeon, tries to save his fiance. After this incident, Yavuz goes back to Karabayir and Bahar follows him all the way to give him something that belongs to him. Another incident happens and he is chosen to be the commander of a team whose mission is to catch a terrorist and protect Karabiyir and their country Turkey. The whole team is solid, consistent, and willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country

GENRE: Action – War


How do watch “Soz” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here The Oath

16. Kaderimin Oyunu

Kaderimin Oyunu STORY

Trying to hold on to live with her two young children, Asiye’s life turns upside down with an unexpected disaster. Asiye takes her children and leaves Amasya never to return. On her way to Istanbul, Asiye meets Mahir, who helps them on the way even though he doesn’t know them. And he was returning to Istanbul from Russia after many years. However, thanks to Mahir, this will not be a salvation for Asiye and her children, who will live in Demirhan’s mansion, but a bad game of fate.

GENRE: Romantic – Thriller

ENGLISH NAME: The Game of My Destiny

How do watch “Kaderimin Oyunu” With English Subtitles?

Watch From Here The Game of My Destiny

These are the new Turkish shows that you can watch on YouTube in 2023.


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