Aybüke Pusat Turkish dramas list

Aybüke Pusat Turkish dramas listAybüke Pusat is a Turkish beautiful actress, ballet dancer, and model. Aybüke Pusat was crowned as Miss Earth Turkey 2014 and she was supposed to represent her country in 2014 Miss Earth from all over the world but due to her acting career, she could not participate in this. Aybüke Pusat started her acting career by playing a supporting role in Medcezir in 2014. Aybüke Pusat’s popular dramas are Söz and Her Yerde Sen. Aybüke Pusat become worldwide popular after working in Her Yerde Sen as Selin Sever opposite of Furkan Andıç as Demir Erendil. So let’s check out some of the best dramas of Aybüke Pusat that you can’t miss. Aybüke Pusat Turkish dramas list

Aybüke Pusat


Aybüke Pusat Turkish dramas list

7. Familya (2016) 

English Name: Family

Genre: Comedy-drama


Starring: Ugur Yücel, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 5.3


Familya is a family comedy-drama. In Familya where Aybüke Pusat plays Su Beyoğlu, the simplest daughter of the Beyoğlu own family, who alongside her siblings, tries to fix matters in their own family after the death of their mom. In this story, you will see the struggles which a family faces after losing the lady of the house who is the actual homemaker and keeper.


6. Söz (2017) 

English Name: Oath

Genre: Action

Starring: Tolga Saritas, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 6.7


Yavuz Karasu, a well-skilled Turkish soldier, is in Istanbul together with his fiance where a terrorist operation takes region. Dr. Bahar, who isn’t always a healthcare professional, tries to keep his fiance. After this incident, Yavuz goes again to Karabayir and Bahar follows him all the manner to return him the thing that is his. Another incident occurs and he is selected to be the commander of a team whose venture is to catch a terrorist and guard Karabiyir and their country Turkey. The entire team is solid, consistent, and inclined to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their Turkey.


5. Şahin Tepesi (2018) 

English Name: Falcon Crest

Genre: Romantic drama

Starring: Boran Kuzum, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 6.9

Şahin Tepesi

The power and righteousness combat of women who thieve from each other’s lives – The war of younger enthusiasts who get caught up inside the center of this fight. The large secret in the back of Demir – Melek is played through Tuna who she grew up with. As a result, she gets kicked out of the residence by way of her father and she is disinherited. After long years, whilst she returns for her father’s funeral she’s a grown widow with two children. The love of her young life Demir has married Tuna and that they have two kids as nicely. Her father’s will shocks Melek who is suffering for life along with her youngsters. The fierce battle between two women who have embraced aches and regrets is the biggest obstacle in their kids Verda and Efe’s love.


4. Her Yerde Sen (2019) 

English Name: You Are Everywhere, Everywhere I Go

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Furkan Andic, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 6.9

Her Yerde Sen

The story follows the lives of Demir and Selin. Demir is rich and particular about things and Selin is an employee of the company and follows her heart. Both lives intersect when both purchase a house from different owners and are forced to live in the same house and Demir also becomes the company owner where Selin works and both start fighting with each other and not like one another and they decide to hide from other company employees that both live in the same house and Demir makes some new rules in his company and one of the rules is that the employees can’t date each other but what will happen when Demir falls in love with her employee selin? To know this watch Her Yerde Sen.


3. 50M2 (2021) 

English Name: 50M2

Genre: Thriller drama

Starring: Engin Öztürk, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 7.0


The plot tells the tale of a hitman named Gölge who is trying to find his identification. Gölge works for a person named Servet Nadir and wants to recognize what came about to his parents. Servet knows the reality but refuses to tell Gölge because it was Servet who killed Gölge’s dad and mom. Servet tries his exceptional to preserve the truth hidden however is unable to stop Gölge, who has observed a supply claiming to recognize his family. Servet hires a man to kill Gölge, but Gölge wins to fight the man off and a bystander is killed in this fight. 

2. Hayaller Ve Hayatlar (2022)

English name: Dreams and Lives

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Starring: Aybüke Pusat, Özge Gürel, Yusuf Çim, Ekin Mert Daymaz

IMDb: 6.7

This series, tells the story of people who are stuck in lifestyles while chasing their goals, and focuses on the efforts of 4 close friends who make their dreams come proper. The battle of younger ladies whose desires and lives are now not suited gets complex by the news of a murder.

1. Sifirinci Gün (2022)

English name: Day Zero

Genre: Thriller, Action

Starring: Engin Öztürk, Aybüke Pusat

IMDb: 6.8

Seven special ops cops and their leader chase the organized crime leader Ejder. When they finally reach him, their lives change forever.


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