Akinci TV Series (2021) – Cast, Story And How to watch

Akinci is the new Superhero Turkish TV Series that tells the story of Fatih, the fighter of a modern world who gets inspiration from Ottoman history and risks his life to safeguard his city and its enemies.

ENGLISH NAMEAkinci (Superhero)
GENREAdventure Crime Drama
STARRINGŞükrü Özyıldız
Büşra Develi
TELECAST PERIOD 1 January 2021
DIRECTORVeli Çelik (1–12), Levent Türkan and Gökhan Erkut (13–20)
PRODUCERMehmet Yiğit Alp

Akinci Story

When Akinci (Şükrü Özyıldız) learns that weapons are being delivered to terrorist organizations in Istanbul, he feels compelled to step in because of his aggressive fight against organized crime. With the information he has gathered, Orhan helps him in this “knife-edge” operation. The news and Akinci are both sought after by journalist Nergis Emirolu (Büşra Develi), who has been known for reporting on him for the past three years and has been attempting to learn his true name.

In addition to seeking to stop the delivery of the weaponry, Akinci is trying to identify the connections in Turkey to the group responsible for various illegal activities in the nation. Kemal Günay, the manager of the anti-terrorist branch, is currently facing a new challenge in his quest to catch Akinci and bring him to justice: To participate in the Akinci file, Commissioner Cüneyt, who is difficult to manage and enjoys working freely, has been personally called to Istanbul.

A charming and enthusiastic history teacher, Fatih. As soon as he completes college, Orhan introduces himself to him as his father’s teammate. He discloses to Fatih all the details of his family’s past as the “Akinci Bey” concept’s heir and the assassination that took his father’s life and was withheld from him. Fatih will now undertake responsibility for this centuries-long mission. With Orhan’s assistance, Fatih receives training and participates in various crime syndicates. He works as an extraordinary history teacher during the day and transforms into an Akinci at night by wearing a mask and disguising his true identity.

Akinci became popular as a hero with many accomplishments. The actions Akinci conducted have caused the dark forces significant harm, and they are working to kill him. Akinci, who controls the justice on his own, is being sought after by the police in the interim. Successful journalist Nergis is searching for Akinci’s true identity. In one procedure, Akinci saves her life. When Nergis rents the flat owned by Fatih’s family, their paths cross. Special forces soldier Cüneyt, who had been pursuing Akinci, had been purely in love with Nergis.

Fatih is unaware that Cevdet, Nergis’ father, is one of those who is in charge of all the trouble entangling all over the nation as he moves closer and closer to Nergis. Akinci will battle for his country and his father’s revenge while all of this is going on, and in the meantime, he will set sail for this impossible love story.


Akinci Cast

Şükrü Özyıldız As Fatih / Akinci
Büşra Develi As Nergis
Tolga Tekin As Orhan
Yıldıray Şahinler As Cevdet
Erkan Bektaş As Kemal
Yılmaz Bayraktar As Cüneyt

How to Watch the “Akinci” Series with English Subtitles?

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