Berk Atan Turkish Dramas List

Berk Atan is the Turkish most handsome and popular model and actor. Berk Atan has won the title of best model turkey in 2012. He started his acting career by debuting in Her Şey Yolunda by playing the role of Selçuk Demircioğlu in 2013. Before acting in Her Şey Yolunda Berk Atan have done a role in Altındağlı in 2013. Berk Atan started getting world wide recognition after acting in Güneşin Kızları as Savaş opposite Burcu Özberk. After acting in Güneşin Kızları Berk Atan have done many series as the main lead and the dramas of Berk Atan are as follows. Berk Atan Turkish Dramas List.

berk atan

Berk Atan Turkish Dramas List.

5. Her Şey Yolunda (2013) 

English name: Everything is OK

Genre: Detective, comedy

Starring: Berk Atan, Aslıhan Güner

IMDb: 5.4

her sey yolunda

Her Şey Yolunda is crime action comedy-drama. This story follows the place of the vocational school where teenagers are trained for police work and in this drama, you will explore their journey of becoming police and all other adventures they have while their training days, From the primary days in the police school until the day they begin filling in as a cop, the preparation, the issues encountered, the real factors of the calling and obviously the basic love. 


4. Güneşin Kızları (2015) 

English name : Sunshine Girls


Genre : Romantic

Starring : Hande Erçel, Tolga Sarıtaş, Burcu Özberk, Berk Atan

IMDb : 5.7

gunesin kizlari

This is a story of Güneş and her 3 girls; twins, Selin and Nazlı, and Peri. They lived in Izmer. They chose to come to Istanbul when Güneş was proposed by a rich man Haluk. Selin and peri agree with her mom’s decision to marry Haluk but Nazli doesn’t accept Haluk and does a lot of drama to separate Haluk and Güneş.

Haluk has a group of many individuals including Rana (Haluk’s senior sister), Ahmet and Inci (Ahmet’s better half), Ali (child of ex, Sevilay), and Savaş (Rana’s taken on the child). Sevilay (Haluk’s ex) lives independently.

There will be so much of twist and turns in the story as the past will knock their doors again and to know what will happen in the drama watch Güneşin Kızları.

3. Dayan Yüreğim (2017) 

English name: Stay in My Heart

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Berk Atan, Nilay Deniz

IMDb: 5.5

gunesin kizlari

This story starts with an extremely terrible occurrence in which Atif who is from a rich family runs his vehicle over a little youngster, Selim who is the sibling of Seray. Selim winds up in a basic condition where he can’t move and can not talk. 

Atif runs from the site of the incident without anybody seeing him aside from his vehicle. Seray un-knowing goes in deep feeling for Atif who himself doesn’t have the idea who Seray is. 

Watch this drama to discover what might happen when the fact of the matter is uncovered? And would Selim do at any point talk or walk once again?

2. Cennet’in Gözyaşları (2017) 

English name: Tears of Heaven

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Berk Atan, Almila Ada

IMDb: 5.4

cennetin gozyaslari

Cennet was left behind by her mom as an infant and her grandma brought up her. Regardless of her modest childhood and absence of monetary assets, she turns into a splendid planner and accomplishes the most amazing job she could ever ask for at a renowned engineering firm. Cennet is suddenly rejoined with Selim, her beloved companion who additionally works in the firm, and her organic mother Arzu, who vanished from her life and has now come to disturb her reality. Melisa is a second little girl of Arzu from another relationship, and she turns out to be extremely jealous with regard to the expanding relationship of Cennet and Selim. And to know more about the story watch Cennet’in Gözyaşları. 

1. Gönül Dağı (2020) 

English name: Mountain of Heart

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Starring: Berk Atan, Gülsim Ali

IMDb: 8.1

gonul dagi

Taner, Ramazan and Veysel are 3 cousins. They live in Gedelli. There is a mountain in the town of Gedelli. It is classified as “Pile of Hearts”. 

The cousins choose to construct a plane. That is when Taner brings in airplane engineers. In any case, airplane engineers stay out and about. They believe that the main topographical designers they see are airplane designs and carry them to the settlement. Notwithstanding, then, at that point, incidentally, the designers are not that specialist.


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