Kara Tahta Story & Cast 2022- Kara Tahta TV Series With English subtitles

Kara Tahta (blackboard) is a new series, Directed by Ender Mihlar. Kara Tahta was Aired on TRT 1 Channel in Turkey.


CAST: Miray Daner, Furkan Andic and Kerem Arslanoglu

NO OF EPISODES: 20 (Ended)

YEAR: 30 March To 31 August 2022

GENRE: Romantic Series

Kara Tahta Story:

An accident turns life upside down for Atlas, who was bullied during his high school years and leaves his town with his mother. Years later, he is appointed as a mathematics teacher in his own school. He returns as a teacher to the city where he was born, fell in love, and was pushed to death.


Years later, Irmak and Atlas meet each other, but now everything is not the same Because Bekir like Irmak and he can die or kill anyone for her.

Here Atlas is unaware of what will happen to him when the roots that bind him to the past weaken over time. This world in which Atlas, Irmak, and Bekir come face to face is the harbinger of a completely different life. Here the main Question is Why did Atlas come back? For love, for revenge… or to be a teacher?


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