Dolunay (Full Moon) Turkish Drama 2017

Dolunay (Full Moon) Turkish Drama 2017

Original Name: Dolunay


English Name: Full Moon, Bitter Sweet

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Starring: Özge Gürel and Can Yaman

Episodes: 26 Episodes, Season 1 only

Telecast period: July 4, 2017 – December 31, 2017


Telecast Network: Star Tv

Director: Cagri Bayrak


Producer: No Dokuz

Original Screenwriter: Aysen Gunsu Teker and Fikret Bekler


Dolunay Story:

The story starts with Nazli (Özge Gürel) who is a beautiful and ambitious young girl and is a student of gastronomy in a culinary arts course. She lives with her friend Fatos and younger sister Asuman far from home to accomplish her dream of becoming a good chef and also works a part-time job to earn money for bearing the expenses in Istanbul. Fatos is a fashion designer but she doesn’t get a good job and Asuman is a college student and she wants to get rich by marrying a rich guy. 

Dolunay (Full Moon) Turkish Drama 2017

Ferit (Can Yaman) is a handsome young man who is also successful in his business and he is very disciplined and punctual about his belongings and he always wants his house clean and things to be kept in their appropriate place and no one can change its place so the servants don’t stay for long in Ferit’s house. And he also does not trust anyone easily especially towards women due to his relationship with his mother as his mom had an affair when he was young and he keeps himself away from love. 

Dolunay (Full Moon) Turkish Drama 2017

Nazli get the job offer of cooking food for Ferit and she accepts it and there are rules which Nazli should follow while she is working in Ferit’s house and rules are like she should come to the house when Ferit goes to business and leave the house before he comes there and she can’t roam outside kitchen area and should make food according to given menu list and she should be organized in Ferit’s house. And when Nazli starts her work she thinks Ferit is some old man and Ferit thinks Nazli is an old lady and Ferit doesn’t like Nazli changing his order of kitchen but he loves her food so he does not dismiss her from the job. 

And on one fine day when Nazli didn’t leave his house on time and she meets Ferit on that day and both get to know each other identity and eventually both don’t like each other Ferit thinks that like all other women Nazli is also a gold digger and Nazli thinks Ferit is so rude to her but later Nazli finds out his boss is a handsome and kind-hearted man and Ferit starts liking Nazli’s way of living and get attracted to her and both get close to each other because of Ferit’s sister son Bulut and both also do a fake engagement when Bulut’s parents die and Hakan try to take Bulut’s custody and take his shares in the company and love starts to grow gradually between them but due to some misunderstandings both try to keep away from each other. 

Dolunay (Full Moon) Turkish Drama 2017

And Nazli has also met Deniz who is a handsome young musician and he is also a good friend of Ferit but he is opposite from him and very fun loving guy and he likes Nazli from his first sight of meeting and try to impress Nazli and due to his feelings for Nazli, Deniz and Ferit start having conflict. 

Dolunay is a 2017 Romantic Comedy Turkish Drama. And this story will take you to the journey of love between Nazli and Ferit where both are different from each other and will love bridge their way? Will Nazli becomes a successful chef? Will Ferit starts to trust women again and forgive his mother? Who will Nazli choose fun-loving Deniz or arrogant Ferit?


Dolunay Cast:

Özge Gürel as Nazli

Can Yaman as Ferit

Hakan Kurtas as Deniz

Necip Memili as Hakan

Öznur Serçeler as Fatos

Ilayda Akdogan as Asuman

Berk Yaygin as Tarik

Balamir Emren as Engin

Aliona Bozbey as Demet

Alihan Türkdemir as Ikbal

Emre Kentmenoglu as Bekir

Türkü Turan as Alya

Ayumi Takano as Manami

Yesim Gül Aksar as Leman

Gamze Aydogdu as Melis


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