Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Turkish Drama 2021


Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Turkish Drama 2021

Original Name:  Ada Masalı
English Name: Island Tale, Be My Sunshine
Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Starring: Ayça Aysin Turan and Alp Navruz
Episodes:  25 Episodes, Season 1 only
Telecast period: 15 June 2021 – 11 December 2021
Telecast Network: Star Tv
Director: Ali Bilgin and Özgür Sevimli
Producer: Ay Yapim
Screenwriter: Aksel Bonfil

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Story:

Haziran (Ayça Aysin Turan) is a beautiful, ambitious, and independent young girl who works in an architecture company in Istanbul and she is successful in her field. And she doesn’t like village life as she thinks it to be boring and so friendly with neighbors and she likes city life and lights. And she asks for a promotion from his boss in their Tokyo office but his boss gives her the task of visiting the island (which is also the hometown of Haziran’s mom) and bringing information about the building of Ali Ozgur who is not ready to sell his property and if she completes this task then she will get promotion in Tokyo office so Haziran accepts to complete this task for promotion.

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Turkish Drama 2021

On the other hand, Poyraz (Alp Navruz) is a handsome and kind-hearted young man who lives on an island with her Grandmom (who is in a coma) and he doesn’t like city life and enjoy his village life and he is the owner of an olive oil company which is in losses but still, he is not ready to sell that factory to Haziran’s boss. so Haziran is assigned to take a look at Poyraz’s factory and to inform his boss.

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Turkish Drama 2021

So to complete her task Haziran goes to that island and there she meets Poyraz and she doesn’t know that the building she is looking for belongs to Poyraz as his boss told her that Ali Ozgur is an old man and no one likes him. Haziran goes to Ali Ozgur’s factory and there unknowingly she finds the Balance sheet of the factory which shows the losses of that factory and Haziran clicks photos of that balance sheet and send to her boss and her boss gets happy from this and he sends that photos to the bank from where Ali Ozgur had taken loan for the factory and Haziran gets a promotion to Tokyo office. And on the island, she meets Poyraz.

Later on, Haziran discovers that the factory belongs to Poyraz and his full name is Poyraz Ali Ozgur who is a good person and because of her the factory gets bankrupted and Haziran feels bad for him so she decides to help him by renting that place in the hotel and both work this together. And even Haziran’s mom who is a fashion designer gets bankrupt and even to help her Haziran decides to work together with Poyraz on that island. Haziran who had decided to not come back to the island again but to help Poyraz and her mom she goes to the island again and faces her difficulties. Many times their opinion doesn’t match each other but still, both work hard to run the hotel properly.

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Turkish Drama 2021

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) is a 2021 Romantic Comedy Turkish Drama. The Story is of two-person who are completely different from each other and even don’t like each other’s company much but later they will find themselves attracted to each other. What will happen when Poyraz will know that Haziran had cheated on him? Will both be able to face the problems and stay together? Will Haziran manage herself in island life or she will escape from there?

Ada Masalı (Island Tale) Cast:

Ayça Aysin Turan as Haziran
Alp Navruz as Poyraz
Nihan Büyükagaç as Selma
Ipek Tenolcay as Zeynep
Bülent Çolak as Gorkem
Bedia Ener as Aliye
Rami Narin as Alper
Merve Nur Bengi as Melisa
Fatih Yücebag as Sadik
Özge Demirtel as Biricik
Eylül Ersöz as Nehir
Beril Pozam as Idil
Cem Kenar as Hakan
Mesut Özkeçeci as Doygun
Erdem Kaynarca as Batu


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