Ego (TV Series) Cast and Story 2023

Ego is the new Turkish series that will be screened on Fox TV, on 5 February on Sunday.


Starring: Alperen Duymaz and Melisa Asli Pamuk

Genre: Romantic

Episodes: 3 (ongoing)

Director: Doga Can Anafarta

Screenplay: Erkan Birgoren, Tuna Gorgun


Do you Know?

Ego series is an official remake of the 2014 Korean series The Temptation.


Ego Series Story:

Elif (Ruya Helin Demirbulut) and Erhan (Alperen Duymaz) are an engaged couple who love each other very much, and their biggest expectation from life is to get married and start a happy family. The routine of their lives is disrupted by Erhan’s tragic event and Erhan is faced with a debt that is very difficult to pay. The news they receive during Erhan’s business trip they went together turns their lives upside down. As the debt, which is almost impossible to pay, turns their lives into a nightmare, the offer made by Erhan’s boss Sibel (Melisa Asli Pamuk) will change their lives forever…

Sibel is a woman whose only priority in life is her job… Erhan is a man who works in Sibel’s company and is preparing to marry Elif, whom he loves very much… While Sibel learns that she needs to have an operation due to cysts in her uterus and that she will not be able to become a mother after the operation, Erhan loses everything in the stock market. The lives of these two opposite people, who hit rock bottom on the same day, will never be the same after Sibel makes an offer to Erhan.

How to Watch Ego Series with English subtitles?

watch Ego series on YouTube.


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