Kuzgun (TV Series) Cast and Story 2019

Kuzgun is a Turkish TV series broadcast on 13 February 2019, Directed by Bahadır İnce. Starring Barış Arduç and Burcu Biricik.


Genre: Romantic Thriller

No of Episodes: 21

Writers: Burcu Görgün Toptaş and Özlem Yılmaz

Aired on: STAR TV

Year: 2019


Story of Kuzgun

Yusuf and Rifat are two senior cops and very old friends. They organize a big operation against the drug lord Şeref Dağistanlı. But Şeref offers Yusuf and Rifat a large number of bribes as well as concessions. Yusuf strongly rejects this offer. Rifat, on the other hand, does not agree and betrays his colleague. Later Rifat becomes Şeref’s right arm, while Yusuf is arrested with a plot set against him and he is banned from the profession. The one who ambushed him is Rıfat, whom he calls his dear friend.

With Yusuf’s entry into prison, his wife Meryem and their three children face the most painful and tragic test of their lives. Kuzgun, the eldest son of Meryem and Yusuf will pay the highest price for this exam. Kuzgun will fall into 20 years of captivity, pain, anger, and struggle, away from his family and home. Kuzgun’s disappearance like a secret affects Dila deeply. Dila has lost not only her best friend but also her childhood love. In Dila’s child’s heart, Kuzgun will remain as a wound that will never heal. Twenty years have passed. Dila has returned permanently from London, where she went to study years ago. Kuzgun, on the other hand, works as a bodyguard in Nevşehir.


One day, A new task is given to Kuzgun at the place where he works to protect his childhood love, Dila. This encounter between Dila and Kuzgun will extend from Nevşehir to Istanbul. When Kuzgun returns to the city where his childhood was stolen, he will not only change Dila’s life but will also move the stones in everyone’s life.

  • How to watch Kuzgun series with English Subtitles?

Kuzgun Series is available on Youtube.

  • How to watch Kuzgun in Hindi Dubbed?

Kuzgun Series is available on Mx player.

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