Savasci (Warrior) Turkish Series 2017 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

GENREMilitary – Action
RELEASED YEAR April 9, 2017, to June 12, 2021
ProducerHayri Aslan
DirectorVolkan Kocatürk, Hakan İnan, Bülent İşbilen, Eray Koçak,
Murat Saraçoğlu , Günay Günaydın,
Doğan Ümit Karaca, Osman Taşçı, Şafak Balı
ScreenplaySüleyman Çobanoğlu


Savasci (Warrior) Story

The famous Kılıç Team, which was one of the elite units of the Bordeaux Berets for a period, came to the point of disintegration with the arrest and imprisonment of its commanders Kopuz Colonel and Captain Kağan Bozok and the dismissal of three non-commissioned officers.

Immediately after the coup attempt, two officers, Kopuz Colonel and Captain Kağan Bozok, who was imprisoned on charges of conspiracy by the putschist organization, are released to return to their duties at the Special Forces Command. The task given to the Colonel is to reunite the legendary “Sword Team” of the Bordeaux Berets, and then immediately take up the task. Colonel Kopuz accepts the mission and the Sword Team reunites. Now, the team commanded by Captain Kağan Bozok is once again ready for the toughest missions.

At this important turning point in his life, Aslı enters Kağan’s life. Although Aslı, who is a difficult personality, is completely against Kağan’s world, personality, and worldview, the first step that will turn into a great love over time has been taken. His mother Selver and sister Yıldız, who had great difficulties during his imprisonment, also breathe a sigh of relief upon the return of Kağan.

Tim’s “brother” Bayram Sergeant Major, its youngest members Galip and Emre, Burak First Lieutenant, Murat Lieutenant, and non-commissioned officers Turan and Selçuk; Under the command of Captain Kagan, they embark on their first operation to prevent a large terrorist group from entering the border.

Another piece of news they received at that time would leave them at a crossroads: they hear the voice of an unexpected name over the radio the organization manager. Now the Sword Squad is at a crossroads between advancing into a deadly trap and winning its most important victory. Tim will once again walk on the edge of the sword.


Savasci (Warrior) Cast

Berk Oktay AsKağan Bozok
Sarp Levendoğlu AsHaydar Bozkurt
Murat Serezli AsHalil İbrahim
Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy AsAslı

How to Watch Savasci (Warrior) Series With English Subtitles?

Savasci (Warrior) Series is available on Youtube LINK


Savasci (Warrior) Series is available on Youtube in Urdu Dubbed LINK


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