Kaçak Gelinler (Runaway Brides) 2014 TV Series – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Kaçak Gelinler is a Romantic Comedy Drama that tells the story of Three runaway brides who cross paths as they try to go to Istanbul each one with her reason however they end up locked in together at the airport and get to know one another, as they get to know each other and share their stories they become close forming a sisterhood and finding true love as their journey begins. but is it that easy?

SERIES NAMEKaçak Gelinler
ENGLISH NAMERunaway Brides
GENRERomantic Comedy
RELEASED YEAR 2014 – 2015
ProducerMehmet Yigit Alp
DirectorKerem Çakıroglu, İnci Balabanoglu
ScreenplayEngin Elgün

Kaçak Gelinler (Runaway Brides) Story

runaway bride turkish drama english subtitles
runaway bride turkish drama english subtitles

The beautiful, modest, and dignified Kainat, the woman of high society and a beautiful Sebnem, and lovely Almila, who is firmly attached to her mystical beliefs… The paths of three young girls who have never seen each other and whose lives are very different, cross at an airport. As soon as they arrive in Istanbul, the trio’s strange situation causes them to be in the news. The girls come to be known as Runaway Brides and begin a new life in a new city together.

The lie Sebnem had told to her husband-to-be was revealed at the wedding table and her husband-to-be left her there and then. Sebnem arrives in Istanbul and meets Selim, a sailing instructor. They start bickering when they see each other and their arguments never end. The hatred between them will inevitably turn into love.

Kainat’s family wanted her to marry the neighborhood’s butcher because of money. She saw that the only way was to run away. Kainat comes to Istanbul, following her high school love Ege. But Ege is the kind of man who sees nothing but money and fame.

Sebnem’s aunt Seniha and her ex-fiancé Mufit become the biggest supporters of the girls. The girls try their luck at different jobs to stand on their own feet. Meanwhile, the difficulties, sorrows, and joys they experience bring them closer and start to share a house. Sebnem, Kainat, and Almila find trust, fun, and most importantly, friendship in each other.


Kaçak Gelinler Cast:

Selin Sekerci As Şebnem


Deniz Baysal As Kainat

Acelya Topaloglu As Almıla

Fırat Altunmeşe As Can

Furkan Andıc As Selim

Fırat Albayram As Özgür

Runaway Brides
Runaway Brides


Kaçak Gelinler Series is available on Youtube


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