Sen Çal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) 2020 Tv series – Story & How to watch?

Turkish drama

Sen Çal Kapımı is the most popular Romantic comedy Turkish Drama with 2 seasons and 52 episodes. Starring Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin as the main lead. Sen cal kapimi telecasted on Fox TV and This show is produced by MF Yapim. The First Episode of Sen cal kapimi aired on 8 July 2020. Sen Çal Kapimi is also popular as ‘You Knock On My Door’ worldwide.


The Popularity of Sen Çal Kapımı:

No doubt Sen cal kapimi is one of the best romantic Turkish Dramas after Erkenci Kus (2018). Sen cal kapimi is being watched worldwide with English subtitles. The chemistry between Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel getting so much love from the audience. Sen cal kapimi has already got aired in Italy and Spain as ‘Love is in the air’.

And it is available in Hindi /Urdu dubbed with the name ‘Dastak Mere Dil Pay’ on the Urdu1 Youtube channel. 

Sen Çal Kapımı Story:

Hande Ercel

Sen cal kapimi is the story of Serkan and Eda, Both are very different from each other. Eda (Hande Ercel) is a beautiful girl leaves with her friend Melek. Eda works part-time at her aunt’s flower shop. Sadly after the death of her parents, her aunt becomes her Guardian. Eda studies architecture at a private university. She was a brilliant student at her college. She was completing her studies on a full scholarship and had a dream to pursue her further education in Italy, But During the last year of her college, she has dismissed from the university because of a scholarship cut-off. 

Eda feels that Serkan Bolat (kerem Bursin) is responsible for the scholarship cut-off. One day when Eda gets to know that Serkan Bolat is invited to the graduation ceremony at the university for a speech. Eda wants to know why the company has not kept its promise for student Scholarships she went to the graduation ceremony. 


Serkan Bolat (kerem bursin) is a successful businessman. He owns an architecture company that also provides scholarships for students to pursue their education. When Serkan Bolat orders his financial manager to cut unnecessary expenses in the company, his manager cuts the student scholarships by himself.

Eda and serkan

In the graduation ceremony at the university When Serkan Bolat starts his speech, Eda meets him and argues that the company has not kept its promises for student scholarships which made students who were dependent on scholarships, made their life worse. 


Eda and Serkan dislike each other and hope that they would not meet again. However, they come across each other again when Serkan Bolat goes to attend his ex-girlfriend’s engagement ceremony. In the aircraft, he gets shocked by seeing Eda, who works as a part-time air hostess on behalf of her housemate Melek. 

In the engagement ceremony, Serkan gets jealous because of Selin his (ex-girlfriend) and also of his business partner Ferit who is getting engaged to Selin. 

To make Selin jealous Serkan plans to take the help of Eda. So in return, Eda can continue her studies at the same university. So what will happen next? Will eda and serkan get along? Will Serkan manage to break his ex-girlfriend’s engagement? To know all this watch Sen cal kapimi (you knock on my door). 

Sen cal kapimi

How to watch Sen Çal Kapımı complete Episodes with English subtitles

As Sen cal Kapimi is now available with complete episodes and on YouTube, you can only watch in the Turkish language. But if you want to watch sen cal kapimi with English subtitles search on Google ‘Sen Cal Kapimi episodes with English subtitles you will get so many websites where you can watch this popular show with complete episodes. 

Watch Sen cal kapimi in Hindi dubbed on MX Player.

Watch Sen Cal Kapimi in Urdu dubbed on Youtube.


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