Top 10 Love at First Sight Turkish Series

Let’s learn about the 10 Love at First Sight Turkish series which is famous worldwide. This list includes many best series that you should not miss


Which series are these and where can you watch them? let’s start

10. Hayat Bazen Tatlidir

Hayat Bazen Tatlidir Story:

Hayat is a literature teacher at the school where her sister Gözde is studying. Koray, brother of Murat Besim Cerrahgil, a mafia, enrolls in the same school with them because of his obsession with Gözde. While Hayat tries to protect her sister, a surprise love is added to the problems she experiences.

Watch Hayat Bazen Tatlidir Series on Youtube With English subtitles.

9. Aci Ask

Aci Ask Story:


Bitter love, happiness, and innocence that started with one love are taking lives. On the one hand, the impossible love lived like a dream by an angel and a cloud, on the other hand, by the fluttering of a woman who is a lover, and in the midst of all these heart murmurs, love is a source of self-sacrifice and courage.

Watch Aci Ask Series on Youtube


8. Fedakar

fedakar story:


Tarik, who wants to take revenge on his brother’s murderer, and Elif, who cannot face the fact that the only thing to hold on to in life is the murderer. Tarik kidnaps Elif to catch Sefer, who went missing because she thought that Sefer killed her older sister Yesim.

Watch Fedakar Series on Youtube With English subtitles.

7. Kırlangıç ​​Fırtınası

Kırlangıç ​​Fırtınası Story:

Zeynep meets young businessman Kenan at the wedding of her childhood friend Taylan, whose marriage she witnessed. Although their characters are opposite to each other, a great attraction begins between the two. At the same wedding, her best friend Murat, who has been in love with Zeynep since childhood, also proposes marriage. Zeynep’s father Ahmet, unaware of the family, invested his last money in a job. As a result of successive setbacks, the business collapses and the family falls into great debt. Meanwhile, Zeynep quits her job. The new job he found thanks to Taylan is in Kenan’s company. The diary that Zeynep finds in the basement of the house and belongs to the previous owner will be the key to a great secret.

Watch Kırlangıç ​​Fırtınası Series on Youtube

6. Cati kati Ask

Cati kati Ask story:

cati kati ask
Cati kati ask

Ateş and Yasemin, who look at the same apartment on the top floor, are very keen on that house. Since landlords Celal and Perihan wanted to give this attic to a married couple, Yasemin and Demir rent the attic by saying that they are newlywed. At this point, the paths of Demir, Ayşen, Ateş, and Yasemin cross with this cheerful lie.

Watch Cati Kati Ask Series on Youtube

5. Inadina Ask

Inadina Ask Story:

inadina ask
inadina ask

Defne and Yalin work at the same firm but do not get along with each other very well; their days are enlivened by funny clashes with each other. Will Defne and Yalin start to fall in love with each other? Will Defne handle all the problems in her first job?

Watch Inadina Ask Series on Youtube

4. Hayat Mucizelere Gebe

Hayat Mucizelere Gebe Story:

While waiting for her teaching assignment, İnci works as a temporary waitress in a hotel. She accidentally meets Engin again, whom she met and fell in love with five years ago and has never seen since.

Watch Hayat Mucizelere Gebe Series on Youtube

3. Kara Sevda

kara Sevda Story:

Kemal, the son of a low-income family, does not believe in miracles. But one day, he finds himself in the biggest miracle. in love.
Born into a magnificent life, Nihan never feels like she belongs to that life. And one day, she falls in love with someone as far from her own world as possible. to Kemal.

Watch Kara Sevda Series on Youtube

2. Dayan Yuregim

Dayan Yuregim Story:

Elvan struggles to survive for her children after losing everything.

Watch Dayan Yuregim Series on Youtube

1. Zehmeri

Zehmeri Story:

Firuze and Ayaz. Two beautiful hearts, a child carrying two family burdens. Fate united them, and fate/sacrifice separated them. Now your life owes them an apology. He wants to give back the love he took. But the roads are difficult. The roads are bumpy. Weather Frosty, Zemheri from times. Firuze’s eyes are blue, her heart is fire.

Watch Zehmeri Series on Youtube

This was the list of 10 Love at First Sight Turkish series, Name your favorite series in the comment.


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