Vermem Seni Ellere TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Vermem Seni Ellere is a 2023 romantic comedy Turkish drama starring Emre Bey and Buse Meral as the main leads. The series’ first episode was released on June 18, 2023, on Atv channel. Vermem Seni Ellere is directed by Ali Balci.


Vermem Seni Ellere:

ORIGINAL NAMEVermem Seni Ellere
ENGLISH NAMEVermem Seni Ellere
GENRERomantic Comedy
STARRINGEmre Bey and Buse Meral
TELECAST PERIOD (June 18, 2023-)
SCREENWRITERTuna Kiygi and Gülbike Sonay Üte

Vermem Seni Ellere STORY:

Zeliş (Buse Meral) is a young beautiful and ambitious girl who lives in the village with her dad and lost her mom. She takes responsibility for the whole village supplying their goods to the dealer in the Istanbul market and all villagers are happy with this news as they will earn more money there.

Mehmet (Emre Bey) is a young handsome and attractive guy who belongs to a rich family, loves adventures, and can’t handle responsibilities. And on his wedding day, he runs from there as he doesn’t love the girl (Hande) he was marrying and he can’t take this much big responsibility. Mehmet’s parents, friends, and the girl (Hande) he was marrying all get upset by Mehmet’s this action. This marriage was being made because Hande’s dad would partner with Mehmet’s dad and their business would expand but due to Mehmet’s action, his dad get very angry with him and cut him off from inheritance and tell him to leave the house for which he agrees and go from there.

On the day when Zeliş, was going to Istanbul with his villagers to supply goods, Mehmet falls on Zeliş, right on top of it from his parachute because of which Zeliş and other villagers’ goods get damaged and they were not able to supply the products due to which the dealer cancels the deal and Zeliş was angry on Mehmet because of him, she lost the deal and her debt will not be repaid. Zeliş got to know that Mehmet belongs to a rich family and make him her slave and tell him to work for the damages made so that their debt will be repaid.

Thus starts the story of the unruly Mehmet and the stubborn Zeliş. While Mehmet thought he was safe from his family and responsibilities, he fell into other problems now he’s the prisoner of Zeliş. Zeliş decided to make Mehmet pay for all of the damages he has made to the villagers. Mehmet’s simplest way to escape from this is to return to the life he left at the back. Zeliş, determined to make Mehmet regret that he was born, no longer takes a step back, He makes his lifestyle tight for Mehmet. Mehmet attempts to break out every chance he gets but Zeliş manages to find it out.


Vermem Seni Ellere is the story of Mehmet and Zeliş. Where Zelish, the daughter of mountains, streams, and plateaus, and Mehmet, who is passionate about all kinds of adventure and action. When both meet there will be differences between them but somehow they will end up falling for each other. Will Zeliş forgive Mehmet for his mistake? Will Mehmet become a responsible person? Will Zeliş and Mehmet love be successful?


Where to watch Vermem Seni Ellere Turkish Drama with english subtitles:

To watch Vermem Seni Ellere Turkish Drama with english subtitles search on GoogleVermem Seni Ellere Episodes in english subtitles” and you will get the result. And you can watch it on YouTube in the Turkish language without eng sub.

Vermem Seni Ellere CAST:

Emre Bey – Mehmet

Buse Meral – Zeliş

Fatih Al – Sakir

Filiz Ahmet – Peri

Bülent Alkis – Akif

Goncagül Sunar – Emine

Bahtiyar Engin – Turgut

Burak Can – Ugur

Ilayda Ildir – Hande

Sina Ozer – Kivanç


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