Yaz Şarkısı TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Yaz Şarkısı (Summer Song) is a 2023 romantic comedy Turkish drama starring Nilsu Aktaş, Mustafa Mert Koç, Efekan Can, and Zehra Yilmaz in lead roles. Yaz Şarkısı’s first episode was broadcast on July 9, 2023, and Directed by Doğa Can Anafarta.


Yaz Şarkısı:

GENRERomantic Comedy
STARRINGNilsu Aktaş, Mustafa Mert Koç, Efekan Can and Zehra Yilmaz
TELECAST PERIOD (July 9, 2023-)
DIRECTORDoğa Can Anafarta
SCREENWRITERRamazan Demirli, Zafer Ozer Cetinel and Görkem Tüzün

Yaz Şarkısı STORY:

Yaz Yildirim (Nilsu Aktas) is a young beautiful and ambitious girl who is interested in music because of his father’s incomplete dream to become a singer, in childhood Yaz gets her father’s written lyrics and she decides to fulfill her father’s dream, and move from her village to Istanbul in her young age, lives with her aunt and works under popular singer Kemal (Mustafa Mert Koç) handling his social media accounts. Yaz lost her father at a young age and lies about her job to her mom saying as she works in a bank because her mom is old school traditional lady and doesn’t like the music industry as her husband lost his life due to it and wants her child Yaz to return her village and handle their business but Yaz keeps on postponing it as she wants to fulfill her dad’s dream.

Kemal Senay (Mustafa Mert Koç) is a young, handsome, and attractive man who can’t be loyal to one woman and dates many girls at a time. He is a famous singer who has lost his popularity in recent years and wants to regain it. Yaz secretly likes Kemal, and to help him regain his popularity, he goes to meet a famous singer (Derya) to convince her to sing with Kemal as she was Kemal’s girlfriend but broke up because of Kemal’s affairs with other ladies and she does not agree to sing with Kemal because of her unfaithfulness.

Kemal starts searching for a new singer and Murat (Efekan Can) is the composer of Kemal’s songs and a good friend of his, he secretly loves Yaz and tells her to record this song when he listens to this it was melodies and when Asli (Zehra Yilmaz) knows about it she gets angry as she also loves kemal secretly and works under Kemal’s company as a manager and she knows that Murat likes Yaz and suggest him not to tell about Yaz record as it is melodies and kemal will start falling for Yaz and both will start dating each other. So from this Murat get insecure and agree to this and due to Asli’s plan to exit Yaz, Kemal fire Yaz, when he listens to Yaz’s record and likes it and asks the singer’s name but Murat doesn’t tell him, still Kemal manage to know it is Yaz voice and go to talk Yaz to convince her to sing for him. And Yaz’s mom gets to know that she is not working in a bank but she works in the music industry and get angry with her and reaches her to take her back to the village. And from here drama starts in Yaz’s life.

Yaz Şarkısı is the story of Yaz, who moves to Istanbul to pursue her late father’s dream. And her arrival will position the friendship of two close friends, Murat and Kemal, to the check. There will be many triangle love stories occurring in the story to make it more interesting. Will Yaz be able to fulfill her late father’s dream? Will Kemal be able to regain his fame? Will Yaz confess her love to Kemal? Will there be ideal love in the story?


Where to watch Yaz Şarkısı Turkish Drama with english subtitles:

To watch Yaz Şarkısı Turkish Drama with english subtitles search on Google “Yaz Şarkısı Episodes in english subtitles” and you will get the result. And you can watch it on YouTube in the Turkish language without eng sub.


Yaz Şarkısı CAST:

Nilsu Aktaş – Gülbeyaz “Yaz” Yıldırım

Mustafa Mert Koç – Kemal Sonay

Efekan Can – Murat Hasamaç

Oya Başar – Emine Yıldırım

Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu – Neriman Hasamaç

Zehra Yılmaz – Aslı Paksoy

Duygu Karaca – Fadime Güzelce

Su Şanad – Mehpuş

Merve Sevin – Defne

Ömer Kılıç

Selin Vardarlı – Sema Yıldırım


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