Ya çok Seversen (What if you love too much) 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Ya Çok Seversen is a 2023 romantic comedy Turkish drama starring Kerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan as the main lead. Ya Çok Seversen is directed by Ali Bilgin and Beste Sultan Kasapoğulları and written by Kübra Sülün, the first episode of which was broadcast on July 6, 2023, signed by Ay Yapım.


Ya Çok Seversen:

ENGLISH NAMEWhat If You Love Too Much
GENRERomantic Comedy
STARRINGKerem Bürsin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan
TELECAST PERIOD (6 july 2023-)
DIRECTORAli Bilgin and Beste Sultan Kasapoğulları

Ya Çok Seversen STORY:

Ateş Arcalı (Kerem Bürsin) is a handsome and attractive rich spoiled kid who doesn’t like his father as he thinks his mother died because of his father’s extramarital affair and also at that time he was a child and he was sent to boarding school forcefully and he never return to his house and lives abroad and doesn’t trust anyone. And he have one elder brother and after their father dead Ateş’s elder brother thinks that his father will give business to him and to open their father will Ateş is also needed and he is called to come but Ateş who is not interested in his father will but he is forced to come to know the will of his father and when he returns to his home he get to know his father had second wife who is also dead and he had 3 step siblings and when the will is opened he get to know he is made guardian of his father second marriage children as they are not adult and so Ateş is made responsible to look after them and also the company is handed to Ateş, from this decision Ateş’s elder brother is not happy and Ateş is also not interested in his father business but when he get his dad letter in which his dad clearly says that his mother didn’t died because of his affair but because she was mentally ill and it was his mother dream to work under that company so Ateş also accept his father decision and decide to manage the company and to take care of his step siblings.

Leyla Kökdal (Hafsanur Sancaktutan) is a pretty young lady who works part-time to earn some money to live her life and she doesn’t know about her real family and tries to know about them. She works in a group that cheats people in the name of false marriage and after getting married, goes away with all the money and gold from there. Leyla doesn’t like the work she does but she continues doing it in terms of earning money.

Ates and Leyla cross paths in a hotel that belongs to Ates and he stays there when he comes from abroad. Leyla was having a fake marriage and when her husband was trying to get intimate with her on the first night she run from there and get know that the room is locked so she go down to take the extra key to that room and meet Ates in lift and Ates get attracted to her and flirt with her and help her to get in her room and Leyla after entering her room take all money and gold from there and run as her fake husband was drunk so much and slept.


In the morning when Leyla gets to know that she had forgotten her mom’s only pendant and she decides to go hotel back to search for that pendent there again, she meets Ates and asks to look for her lost pendant so both searches but they don’t get that pendant so Leyla becomes upset and when Leyla get to know about Ates’s bad intentions on her so she slaps him and gets out of there but the family on whom she cheated see her and to hide from them she enter in a car which goes to Ates’s old house where his 3 step-siblings lived and she pretend that she is a nanny who came there to take care of those 3 kids and she is introduced to them and Ates also come there to look after his 3 step siblings and there Ates and Leyla meet again.


Ya Çok Seversen is the story of Ates and Leyla crossing paths they belong to a different section of society and both get attracted to each other and seeing them falling for each other will be enjoyable. And will Ates forgive his father and becomes successful in taking care of his dad’s company and his step-siblings? Will Leyla find out about her real family? Will Ates and Leyla accept each other’s reality?

Where to watch Ya Çok Seversen Turkish Drama with english subtitles:

To watch Ya Çok Seversen Turkish Drama with english subtitles search on GoogleYa Çok Seversen Episodes in english subtitles” and you will get the result. And you can watch it on YouTube in the Turkish language without eng sub.

Ya Çok Seversen CAST:

Kerem Bürsin – Ates Arcali

Hafsanur Sancaktutan – Leyla Kökdal

Hatice Aslan – Füsun Arcali

Şerif Erol – İlter House

Cemre Ebüzziya

Nazmi Kırık – Yakup Civelek

Aziz Caner Inan – Hope Arcali

Mine Kilic – Meryem Yunus

Ogulcan Arman Uslu – Honor

Durukan Celikkaya – Peace

Original Akaçça – Mert

Lara Aslan – Ilgaz

Adin Bullion – Aydos

Arven Ece Yavuz – Berit


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