Yurek Cikmazi (Secrets of an Angel) TV Series 2022 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Yurek Cikmazi is a Social issue-based Turkish TV Drama That tells the story of Cennet, whose husband has been abusing her for years, who calls Zeynep, the lawyer whose sign she can see from her hospital room window. before her death, she leaves a letter to be read. This letter, which is actually a criminal complaint, serves as Cennet’s testimonial. After Cennet Dies, Her husband Yilmaz, as well as the lives of her kids Birsen, Halil, and Feride, will change permanently.


Do You Know?

Yurek Cikmazi series is adapted from Atike Hınçlıer’s novel of the same name published in 2018.

SERIES NAMEYurek cikmazi
ENGLISH NAMESecrets of an Angel
GENRERomantic – social issue
RELEASED YEAR 1 November 2022 To 13 June 2023
Production Company Gold Film

Yurek Cikmazi Story

Cennet, who comes from her village to Istanbul as a bride and marries Ylmaz, with whom she fell in love. They have three children altogether thanks to their nearly forty-year marriage. The marriage, which began “in both good and difficult times,” comes to an end when Cennet becomes paralyzed and passes away. She left behind a spouse and three heartbroken children. The letter, which comes after the funeral, however, flips the conventional wisdom on its head. It comes out that Cennet blamed her husband in the letter she wrote before she passed away.


Cennet’s lawyer eventually uncovers proof to support her claim over time. Knowing that Ylmaz has always been abusive towards both his wife and children, this is in fact not at all secret. Everyone in the Family is aware of this, but none has dared to speak out against it; instead, they all remain silent, including Cennet.

A final letter she writes is evidence that the truth is clear. Although it is tough for the three siblings to choose their positions and go back to their unfinished business from the past, they eventually resolve to heal their wounds and try to restore their family ties. Halil and Zeynep, the lawyer who is handling his mother’s case, begin to fall in love. Zeynep battles for Cennet and Halil.


Yurek Cikmazi Cast

Alp Navruz As Halil Tekin
İrem Helvacıoğlu As Zeynep Önder
Mesut Akusta As Yilmaz Tekin
Ayça Bingöl As Cennet Tekin
Dilara Aksuyek As Feride
Bihter Dincel As Birsen

How To Watch Yurek Cikmazi Series With English Subtitles?

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