12 Latest Turkish Dramas to Binge watch in 2022

If you are looking for new shows then good luck you have come to the right place. Next, you will know about 12 recently released Turkish dramas that you can binge-watch. And all the Dramas are telecasted this year.



STARRING: Serhat Teoman, Canan Ergüder, Songül Öden, Feyyaz Duman, Timur Acar, Nihal Yalçın

GENRE: Psychological Drama

NO OF EPISODES: 15 (Ended)

oglum (my son) Turkish Drama


The couple İlyas and Melike live in Şile with their daughter Ceren and their 6-year-old little son Kaan. On the other hand, Zeynep and Tuğrul’s 12-year-old son, Efe is a child who is out of touch with his family and his only friend is computer games.


One evening, Melike, is late to pick up her child Kaan from school. Kaan, who is waiting for his mother in the garden of the school, Efe sees Kaan in the park. After a while, Efe realizes that Kaan has disappeared, and the two of them set off to go to the police station.

Melike and İlyas, on the other hand, are anxiously looking for their child Kaan in the streets of Şile, and they receive the news that a painful event has happened. After this painful event, both families live. And nothing will ever be the same again…



STARRING: Büşra Develi, Alperen Duymaz, Görkem Sevindik, Yasemin Allen

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

NO OF EPISODES: 26 (Ended)

Erkek severse (when a man loves)Turkish Drama


This is the love story of Zeynep and Kenan. Their romantic tale is complicated from cheating ex-husband to rivalry. After Zeynep’s (Büşra Develi) husband Oktay (Görkem Sevindik) leaves her for another woman, Zeynep is left alone to raise their two sons. Zeynep’s life is transformed when she meets Kenan, the successful businessman. Soon they start to like each other.

Mean While Oktay is in another relationship, his attitude suddenly changes when he learns of Zeynep’s new lover. Then Oktay starts to threat Zeynep and Kenan. Oktay is now Mad with jealousy, he will do anything to win Zeynep back, even if it means lying, plotting, and using their children.


STARRING: Deniz Isin, Ilhan Sen

GENRE: Romantic

EPISODES: 5 (Ended) 

sevmek zamani Turkish Drama


 Firuze is a contemporary Cinderella. She is a brilliant young lady. After a troublesome youth, she carries on with a peaceful existence with Muhsin Baba who embraced them. Until she met Kagan. An innocent romantic tale that seems to be the initials of her name weaved on a hanky transforms into a hurricane that immerses all her friends and family. She starts to float away from her protected world, encompassed by the men of her family who love and care for her, into the dim universe of Kagan.


STARRING: Burak Celik, Cemre Baysel

GENRE: Romantic comedy

NO OF EPISODES: 11 (continuing)

SEnden Daha Guzel


Efsun (Cemre Baysel) who works as a dermatologist, lives peacefully on the farm with her father in a village. Efsun’s mother left her and her father at a young age and moved to Istanbul and became one of Turkey’s most important plastic surgeons. Efsun suddenly receives news from her mother, whom she has not seen since she was 12 years old. Her mother is on her deathbed and wants to see her one last time. He invites Efsun to Istanbul by sending his driver.

Efsun, who comes to Istanbul with Kaan, the driver sent by Pervin, encounters a big surprise. Neither her mother nor the driver who brought her is telling the truth. In Istanbul, how will Efsun’s whole life change irreversibly?


STARRING: Tayanç Ayaydın, Dolunay Soysert, Emre Kınay

GENRE: High school

NO OF EPISODES: 9(Continuing)

Tozluyaka Turkish Drama


The happy life of Ali and his friends in their own way changes overnight. They have nothing but a long night of secrets and doubts. When they believe that justice will not come to them, a miracle happens. When their courage is added to their strength, they will only have to open the doors of that secret night one by one. Finding the keys will not be easy.


STARRING: Özgü Kaya, İclal Aydın, Reha Özcan

GENRE: Romantic

NO OF EPISODES: 16 (Continuing)

UC KIZ KARDES Turkish Drama


Three sisters Türkan, Dönüş, and Derya Lives in Ayvalik Town. Türkan is the oldest daughter in the house and she is known for her beauty all over the town.

One day, Rüçhan who is from a wealthy family hears about the legendary beauty of Türkan and asks for Turkan’s hand in marriage with her son Somer (Berker Guven). Somer does not want to marry but meets Türkan with the force of her mother. Turkan is very excited. Because she is meeting a man for the first time in a cafe. Somer, on the other hand, sees Türkan as pathetic in this forced marriage.


STARRING: Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Seray Kaya

GENRE: Action Thriller

NO OF EPISODES: 26 (continuing)

mahkum Turkish Drama


Fırat Bulut (Onur Tuna) is an honorable public prosecutor. He takes on the file of femicide committed by Barış Yesari (İsmail Hacıoğlu), son of Yesariler, one of the most powerful families in Turkey. Trying to cover up the murder he committed with the power he got from his family, Barış comes face to face with a prosecutor Fırat, No matter what happens, the life of Fırat, who does not let go of the file, turns into a nightmare overnight. He wakes up in prison on the morning of the night they celebrate his birthday with his wife Zeynep and daughter Nazlı.

He is on trial as the murder suspect of Zeynep and her daughter Nazlı. But Fırat does not remember anything retrospectively.


STARRING: Hazal Kaya, Selahattin Paşalı, Tansu Biçer

GENRE: Historical Drama


mid night at para Palace Turkish Drama


Esra is a journalist looking for her next big story. She is excited to visit the Pera Palace, an admired hotel in Istanbul known for both its fascinating history and its mystery happening. While researching for an article on the Pera Palace, Esra stumbles into the year 1919. There, she meets all sorts of key figures from the past, including Mr. Halit. Esra wanted to get back to preset but she is also the key to ensuring the election of Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal, comes to pass. How will Esra keep the past the same to prevent the future from changing?


STARRING: Berk Hakman, Ege Kökenli, Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu

GENRE: psychological Thriller

NO OF EPISODES: 7 (continuing) 

duy beni Turkish Drama


The life of high school student Ekim, who lives an ordinary life in one of the middle-class neighborhoods of Istanbul, Ekim’s life turned upside down by a tragic traffic accident that happens before her eyes. All Ekim remembers about the accident is the mask on the driver’s face and her friend Leyla, lying on the ground covered in blood.

After finding out that the car that hit Leyla and ran, is hiding in Gerçek Private High School, which has a campus very close to the neighborhood, the neighbors rebel. The car disappears off the face of the Earth at the school where the children of wealthy and privileged families attend.

As Ekim struggles to lift the dark curtain and ensure justice, her emotions will get in the way and her heart will be turned upside down. The winds of youth will blow so hard, so intense, that nothing at Gerçek Private High School will ever be the same.


STARRING: Miray Daner, Birce Akalay, İbrahim Çelikkol

GENRE: Suspense

NO OF EPISODES: 8 (ended)

as the crow files Turkish Drama


A longtime fan of respected news anchor Lale Kıran, Aslı deceives her way into an internship at Lale’s office, Here Asli tries to fly as the crow instead of relying on the quality of hard work to be able to climb the stairs. determine to win the game, Aslı sets traps for Lale to destroy her so that she can take Lale’s place. is Asli doing right, what will happen next?

02. YAKAMOZ- S245

STARRING: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Özge Özpirinçci

GENRE: Science Fiction


yakamoz s245 Turkish Drama


After disaster strikes on Earth where everyone is dying because of sun radiation. Arman, a marine biologist goes submarine research mission now must fight to survive with his friends. As they try to figure out what is happening up above as well as what the military sub’s true mission is, tensions arise between the crews, especially between Arman and the boat’s 2nd commander, Umut.


STARRING: Özge Yağız, Tolga Sarıtaş, Haluk Bilginer, Hakan Kurtaş

GENRE: Thriller

NO OF EPISODES: 15 (continuing)

baba (father) Turkish Drama


The Saruhanlı family is a crowded family that lives a modest life together in a family apartment in Ödemiş, sticking to its traditions… The head of the family, Emin Saruhanlı (Haluk Bilginer) devoted father who has firmly attached to family values ​​and is an authoritative father… Emin’s youngest son Kadir Saruhanlı (Tolga Sarıtaş) returns home for a holiday visit causing old notebooks to be opened between father and son.

A plane crash completely changes the fate of the Saruhanlı family. As the new life of the Saruhanlı family, full of difficulties, begins, Emin is faced with the biggest test of his life to protect his family.

So this was the List of the Latest Turkish Dramas of 2022 that you should binge watch comment me with your favorite drama name or the name of a dram drama you are willing to watch.

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