5 New Turkish series of 2023 worth watching

Are you waiting for some new series? Do you watch Turkish Dramas? So here you go, 5 interesting Turkish series that will keep you entertained in 2023. Look it’s mid-April now so it’s important for you to cover these series as soon as possible because there will be more shows in the future, it would be good if you start watching from now. So let’s start the List of 5 New Turkish series of 2023


5. Yüz Yıllık Mucize

Genre: Romantic – Historical

Story: Ali Tahir, has lived 100 years without aging a single day. However, after everything he has been through, he decides to end his life. But everything changes when he meets Harika.

Where to watch Yüz Yıllık Mucize with English subtitles?

Watch Yüz Yıllık Mucize Episodes on Turkish123.Com


4. Oh Belinda

Genre: Mystery – Comedy Movie


Story: A young actor’s perfect life takes a madcap turn when she agrees to star in a shampoo commercial and suddenly gets transported to her character’s world.

Where to watch Oh Belinda movie with English subtitles?

Watch oh Belinda on Netflix.

3. Fedakar

Genre: Romantic – Revenge


Story: Tarik, who wants to take revenge on his sister’s murderer, Tarik kidnaps Elif to catch Sefer, who went missing because he thought that Sefer killed his older sister Yesim. While Tarik swears to avenge his sister, Elif and Tarik set sail for an impossible love.

Where to watch Fedakar with english subtitles?

Watch Fedakar episodes on YouTube.

2. Gülcemal

Genre: Romantic – thriller

Story: Abandoned by his mother as a boy. A man years later vows to get revenge on the mom and her new family all while unknowingly falling in love with her adopted daughter.

Where to watch Gülcemal with English subtitles?

Watch Gülcemal series on Turkish123 website.

1. Kraliçe

Genre: Thriller – Suspense

Story: Ates, one of the most famous basketball players in the country, and his wife Deniz are happily married. As Ates’s name gets involved in a big scandal, their lives are turned upside down.

Where to watch Kraliçe with English subtitles?

Watch Kraliçe episodes on Turkish123 website.

So this was the list of 5 New Turkish series of 2023 you should check out now. But wait, have you seen the Turkish series released in the month of March, if not, then check it by clicking on the post below.


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