Fedakar (Endless) TV series Cast & Story 2023

Fedakar is a new Romantic Revenge Turkish series. The first episode of Fidakar was broadcast on March 18, 2023. Fedakar (Endless) airs on Kanal 7 at 19.00 every weekend. Fedakar is also popular as Endless.


This is the story of Elif who gets into trouble when her brother murders a woman and Tariq kidnaps Elif to catch his sister’s murderer.


Watch on: Kanal 7

Aired Date: 18 March 2023

Episodes: 8 (ongoing)


Distribution: Echo Rights



Tarık is preparing a surprise birthday party for his sister Yeşim, with the help of his little nephew Ayşe. On the same day, when Yeşim goes to see her husband at his office, she overhears him talking with his sister Güzide and how he never loved Yeşim, and that he is sick of this so-called marriage.

Here Yeşim realized that Güzide is after the family’s wealth and Tarık. Yeşim is shocked by the news, she rushes out to file for divorce and talk to Tarık about their ugly plans. Güzide gets furious that her plans are about to blow up and she calls up some guy to follow Yeşim and prevent her to go see Tarık before she does. But things go terribly wrong and the guy shoots Yeşim involuntarily and she dies right away.

After which the story is shown after 1 year, here Tarik is still searching for his sister’s killer. Next Tarik gets the bike on which the killer shot his sister. Later, Tariq learns that his sister was murdered by Safer Yildiz. When Tariq goes to Serif’s house, Sefer just runs away out of fear. But here he meets Sefer’s sister, Elif, who believes that her brother did nothing wrong. But Tariq kidnaps Elif until he finds Sefer. so what will happen next? watch Fedakar now.


Aybüke Yılmaz As Elif Yilmaz

Berkay Veli As Tarik Karacahanli

Ceren Yavuz As Guzide

Yiğit Eser As Sevki

Hayal Garip As Yesim

Fedakar Series Review:

This is a romantic Turkish drama that tells the revenge story of Tariq and Elif. There is no answer to the acting of Turkish actors, everything is perfect, and you will feel every emotion while watching the series. Anyway, most Turkish drums are very serious, but you will still enjoy the series. But there is nothing new in the story, it is the same story that has been made before.

How to watch Fedakar Series With English Subtitles?

Don’t worry you don’t have to search anywhere just go to YouTube and search Fedakar episode 1 then you will find an ENDLESS YouTube channel. Here you can watch Fedakar episodes with English subtitles.


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