Bir Derdim Var TV Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Bir Derdim Var is a new Turkish Series that tells the story of Doctor Nilufer Toska, who is always one step ahead of her colleagues, and watch the unveiling of the secrets of the human mind. We will also realise that hope is always hidden in life. Dr. Nilufer’s unwavering search for a secret that would ruin her career will lead to a serious showdown with the stubborn Prosecutor Omer, causing a terrible fire.

ENGLISH NAMEI Have a Problem
GENREPsycological Thriller
STARRINGBirce Akalay
Mert Fırat
TELECAST PERIOD November 9, 2023 – continuing
EPISODES3 (Ongoing)
PRODUCERKerem Çatay & Lale Eren
SCREENWRITERYekta Torun & Deniz Gürlek
Production CompanyAyNa Yapım


At Pera Training and Research Hospital, where she serves as the Clinical Chief, psychiatrist Dr. Nilüfer Toska (Birce Akalay) is renowned for her ability to mend the broken spirits of teenagers. With the help of a detective, She resolves her patients’ seemingly hopeless problems because of her keen instincts and intense emotions.

But Dr. Nilüfer Toska is keeping a very important secret from everyone. The tension between her and Prosecutor Ömer (Mert Fırat) will intensify as she struggles with this secret that could jeopardize her career.
Love, for Nilüfer, is only a term that shouldn’t be overemphasized because her patients are always her first priority. But when Prosecutor Ömer enters her life, Nilüfer will experience both the suffering and happiness of love. They won’t let anything stand in the way of their love.

Why would a teenager expose himself to the public?
One query can have many solutions buried behind it. Doctor Nilüfer faces everyone with the harsh realities that lie under the surface while following Senem and her experiences as a detective and looking for answers to this question. It’s never as easy as it looks, particularly when it comes to teenagers. Nilüfer’s only goal in life is to use her distinctive methods to reduce the difficulties of youths who are in need. Overnight, Dr Nilüfer’s life—who dedicates herself to helping younger people—takes a drastically different turn.

she meets Kuzey, a young man who puts him in a precarious situation professionally and raises the possibility that his secrets will be discovered. Since prosecutor Ömer became aware of Nilüfer as a result of this encounter,
As I mentioned before, Ömer and Nilüfer have many different ideologies, and as a result, they find themselves at war.
Her career and life will be restricted if the big truth that conceals them is discovered.



Birce AkalayAs Nilüfer Toska
Mert FıratAs Ömer Atakan
Engin HepileriAs Savaş Dönmez
Neslihan ArslanAs Damla
Erdem ŞenocakAs Yusuf Eymen
Başak GümülcinelioğluAs Sibel

How to watch the Turkish series “Bir Derdim Var” with English subtitles?

“Bir Derdim Var” Episodes are available with English subtitles on Dailymotion



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