Misafir TV Series (2021) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Misafir is a new Turkish drama that tells the story of Gece’s life. She has never seen a single day of happiness. She met Erdem on what she believed to be her last day on earth and made the decision to start over. Erdem’s invitation to this guest will mark a new beginning for all of them, including himself.

GENRERomantic Thriller
STARRINGHazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay
TELECAST PERIOD 11 November 2021 to 9 December 2021
DIRECTORArda Sarıgün
Production CompanyMed yapımı


Erdem is a powerful police officer and the father of three children. He has made every effort to ensure his children are happy after his wife passed away six months ago.

On the other hand, Gece (Hazal Kaya) does not have a life that is satisfied. Her mother hasn’t shown her any love or care. She makes the decision to end her life since she is unable to handle the problems that she is facing.

Gece gets a second opportunity and begins a new life when she jumps off the bridge to terminate her life. Fortunately, she makes it through and awakens in the hospital. She claims she has lost her memory and is unable to recall even her own name, in an attempt to avoid returning to her terrible past.
Her life abruptly changes when Gece meets Erdem, a young man (Bugra Gulsoy). While acting as though she has no memory of her past, Gece moves in with Erdem and his family. She starts to work as the house’s caregiver despite her lack of ability for household duties.

Erdem and his kids are able to make up for the absence in their household. But Gece’s troubled history will follow her and ruin her pleasant new life. In the meantime, everyone’s life will be ruined by Erdem’s secret, which he keeps hidden. To know what will happen next, watch Misafir.


Buğra GülsoyAs Erdem
Ozan DolunayAs Giray
Hazal KayaAs Gece / Gunes
Berk YayginAs Tunc Zeyrek
Selen Ozturk As Nazan Yalcin
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