Can Yaman Turkish Dramas List

Can Yaman is a Turkish handsome model and popular actor. Can Yaman start his acting career in a series named Gönül İşleri in 2014. Can yaman popular shows are Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş. And Can Yaman got worldwide popularity through Erkenci Kuş. Erkenci Kuş helped Can Yaman gain worldwide recognition and many awards for his role in the drama. After working in Bay Yanlış Currently, Can Yaman is busy doing Italian series and he also shifted to Italy. So let’s check out some of the best dramas of Can Yaman that you can’t miss on. Can Yaman Turkish Dramas List.

Can Yaman


Can Yaman Turkish Dramas List

7. İnadına Aşk (2015)

English Name: Love out of Spite
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Starring: Açelya Topaloğlu, Can Yaman
IMDb: 5.4

İnadına Aşk

The story begins whilst Defne whose own family is from Blacksea place starts offevolved to work in Aras Technology wherein the boss of the corporation is Yalin who’s handsome and womanizer. The story starts offevolved as opposing characters Defne and Yalin hate and feature conflicts with each other. When Defne’s macho brother Cinar intervenes, matters get truly complicated. But the actual fun will begin when Cinar starts liking Yalin’s sister Yesim. Inadina Ask is a romantic comedy-drama that is complete of love, affection, hatred, and games.


6. Hangimiz Sevmedik (2016)
English Name: Which of us did not love
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Starring: Selen Soyder, Can Yaman
IMDb: 5.5

Hangimiz Sevmedik

This is the story of Tarik and Itir who marry secretly without informing their parents. The cause for their secret marriage become Tariks mother “Adile” and Itirs Father “Münir”, and both are widow and widower, and argue with each other for 36 years. But what the kids do not know is the past. Adile and Münir did love each other 36 years ago, but because of many motives, they married every other one, one they in no way will love a lot as they do every different. Tarik and Itir’s comeback to the district will offer a stabilized friendship between the two families.


5. Dolunay (2017)
English Name: Full Moon
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Starring: Özge Gürel,Can Yaman
IMDb: 6.7


Ferit Aslan is a very popular businessman and is extremely prepared. He wishes the equal manner of agency in each of his private and expert life. Nazli who’s analyzing gastronomy needs to discover a job at once as she is answerable for covering the fees of the home she stocks along with her friend and sister. She is a stubborn and adamant persona, so she has a difficult time keeping a process. Both complete opposites meet every other on this collection.

4. Erkenci Kuş (2018)
English Name: Early Bird, Day Dreamer
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Starring: Can Yaman, Demet Özdemir
IMDb: 7.4

Erkenci Kuş

Sanem, a younger female with aspirations of becoming an author, is forced by way of her dad and mom to pick out among an organized marriage or locating the right job. So she decides to work in an advertising company where her sister Leyla too works and the company is full of adventures and she soon falls for her boss, Can.

3. Bay Yanlış (2020)
English Name: Mr Wrong
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Starring: Özge Gürel, Can Yaman
IMDb: 6.6

Bay Yanlış

Özgür is a very rich eating place owner and dwelling a sloppy but satisfied go fortunate lifestyles, and does no longer believe in love. Ezgi is now uninterested in incorrect relationships and is decided to have proper dating and get married. Seeing that Ezgi isn’t good within her love life, Özgür begins to mentor her approximately relationships and gives her approaches to get the person she likes.

2. Viola come il mare (2022)
English name: Viola
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Starring: Francesca Chillemi, Can Yaman
IMDb: 8.8

Violet is returning to Palermo from Paris-style global and is searching for her lost father. She receives a job as a criminal offense reporter and is introduced to inspector Francesco Demir, who takes her help in research into the murder of a younger girl.

1. El Turco (2023)
English name: El Turco
Genre: Historical, Action
Starring: Can Yaman

El Turco is the tale of Hasan Balaban, a Turkish soldier within the Janissary army, who settles in Moena in northern Italy after the Battle of Vienna in 1683 and fights for the rights of the area people from the feudal lords. In the El Turco series, Hasan will fall in love with Gloria, one of the most beautiful lady in the village.


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