Fairy Tale Pakistani Drama Cast & Story 2023

Fairy Tale is a romantic comedy Pakistani drama that tells the story of a girl who wants to become rich quickly without effort.


Starring Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail in the Lead roles cast Also include Ali Safina, Adnan Mir Raza, and Aina Khan in the Supporting Roles.

Fairy Tale Drama is written by Sarah Majeed and Directed By Alli Hassan.

The first episode of Fairy Tale was broadcast on March 23 2023 on Pakistan’s popular channel Hum TV and Fairy Tale is
Produced by Momina Duraid Productions.



Umeed is a beautiful girl from a middle-class family, her father spends all his wealth on his son Sameer to send him to Canada. Because of this now the father of Umeed does not have money but he is very angry all the time. One night Umeed prays that she wants to be very rich, so rich that she would buy herself a bungalow, a car, and many other things. Also, she wants to start her own business.

on the other hand, Farjad Khan is a 28-year-old businessman who is continuing his father’s business. Farjad is a very disciplined man.


On the second day of praying Umeed receives a message which says that she has won 50 lakhs. Umeed gets excited and gives her home address after receiving the message but to get 50 lakhs, she has to pay 30 thousand contest fees, so Umeed steals money from home and gives it to those men. After which some people come and easily fooled Umeed and run away with the money. After which Umeed finds out that she has been scammed. When Umeed’s father Kamal comes to know that Umeed has stolen 30 thousand and given it to the thugs, he gets very angry with Umeed.

On the other hand, Umeed gets a pass for a game show, Socho Pakistan, in which she wants to try her luck to participate and hopes to win the game show to fulfill her dreams. Umeed wants to go to Islamabad to participate in the game show but what will happen next? Will Umeed’s father allow her to participate in the game show? And what hope will win this game show? Watch Fairy Tale to know.

Fairy Tale Drama Cast

Sehar Khan As Umeed Pasha

Hamza Sohail As Farjad khan

Ali Safina As AK Khan

Adnan Mir Raza As Sameer Pasha

Aina Khan As Haya Pasha

Writer: Saar: Majeed

Director: Ali Hassan

Producer: Momina Duraid Productions

Fairy Tale Drama Review

Fairy Tale is a funny Drama made for Ramzan and all the characters are very good, especially AK Khan’s character is very funny, the character of Umeed is also very interesting which holds to continue watching.

Watch Fairy Tale Episode 1


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