Gizli Sakli (Double Duty) TV Series 2022 – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Gizli Sakli (Double Duty) is a romantic crime Turkish series that tells the story of Naz, who has recently completed police training. The police force, looking for a mafia boss named Tarik Koşuolu, decides to send Naz and the strange police officer Pamir on an undercover mission together. Pamir and Naz will walk across the mafia family’s house like new spouses, gain Tarik Koşuolu’s trust, and bring him to court.

GENRERomantic Comedy – Crime
STARRINGHalit Özgür Sarı & Sinem Ünsal
TELECAST PERIOD 8 June to 3 August 2022
Production CompanyNo Dokuz Productions


Naz (Sinem Ünsal) was the top student at the police academy. She lives with her mother and uncle, both of whom are protective. Naz’s mother and uncle hosted dinner for the residents. During dinner, a suspicious incident on the sidewalk across the street catches Naz’s eye, and she instantly goes after the culprit. She captures the suspect after a short chase, but there is a problem. Commissioner Pamir (Halit Ozgür Sari), the important name of the organized branch’s civilian operations, is the person she arrested.

Following this terrible encounter, fate brings them together once more in an undercover operation to capture Tarik Koşuolu (Tardu Flordun), a prominent arms trafficker. Moreover, as husband and wife, Naz and Pamir are now Tarık Koşuoğlu’s new neighbors, Yaz and Levent Güneş.

Naz starts to pretend as Yaz sets up a new identity. Like she is a psychologist. In the same way, Pamir creates a new identity as Levent Güneş. He presents himself as a wealthy businessman. Naz makes an effort to get close to Tarik’s wife. Also, Pamir makes an effort to win Tarik’s trust.

Naz and Pamir’s first meeting is not well, which is why they don’t want to work with each other at all, but they are forced to do this mission together. But what will happen next? Will these two be able to find out about Tarik’s illegal businesses? And will Naz and Pamir fall in love with each other? To know what will happen next, watch Gizli Sakli.


Sinem ÜnsalAs Naz/Yaz
Halit Ozgür SariAs Pamir/Levant
Tardu FlordunAs Tarik Koşuolu
Idris Nebi TaskanAs Tufan
Ece DizdarAs Nehir

How do I watch the “Gizli Sakli” series with English subtitles?

Watch Gizli Sakli with English Subtitles on YouTube.


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