Kan Çiçekleri TV Series (2022) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Kan Çiçekleri is a new Turkish series. The story focuses on the wonderful love that starts as a blood conflict. A tale of Dilan’s dreams and hopes being snatched away from her and Baran’s marriage being necessary to put a stop to the blood war and free his brother from the situation.

STARRINGBarış Baktaş
Yağmur Yüksel
TELECAST PERIOD 5 December 2022
EPISODESS2 350 (Ongoing)
DIRECTORCanan Çelik & Ömer Baykul
SCREENWRITERMünevver Yıldız, Melike Yılman, Burak Acar, Günce Miraç Dizman, Necati Küçükazay, Simge Akovalıer, Nursem Banu Özyürek, Fatma Özcan, Ayşem Özge Yıldırım
Production CompanyUnik Film / Rains Pictures

Kan Çiçekleri STORY

kan cicekleri also popular as Vendetta. The long-running blood feud between the Demir and Karabey families causes them great losses. The news that these two families have been waiting for years arrives at the Karabeys’ palace when they are being carried from Mardin to Istanbul. It was Bloody Seyit. However, Baran chooses to marry Seyit’s daughter Dilan despite the elders in the family since he does not want bloodshed and wants to put an end to this. In contrast, Dilan accepts this marriage and sets aside her goals to stop other people from passing away. However, for them both, this marriage is like being imprisoned.

Will the conflict be resolved by this forced marriage? Will Dilan and Baran, who have been at odds for all time, be able to look each other in the eyes and forget what happened? Will the turbulent bond between these two hearts blossom into love? What will happen to Dilan, who gave up all of her aspirations and married a stranger, and Baran, who refuses to sacrifice his brother in keeping with tradition, in their blood-soaked, forced marriage?


Barış BaktaşAs Baran Karabey
Yagmur YukselAs Dilan Demir
Hilal KuvvetAs Hanife Demir
Ekrem Aral TunaAs Cevdet Demir
Dilek GülerAs Cevriye Demir
Yılmaz UlutaşAs Hasan

Review of Kan Çiçekleri

Really, Kan Çiçekleri is a beauty! The best Turkish narrative I have ever seen, by far. From the first episode, it’s been a wild ride. This is a story about redemption, love, family, and vengeance. One of Baran and Dilan’s greatest love stories ever depicted.

In this drama that reflects our eyes, the two major leads, Baran and Dilan, have played incredibly appealing and loving roles. Dilan is someone Baran has loved from the beginning, yet he never appears in the first season. They are both unyielding. Dilan had paid for her father’s crimes in the first season. Although Baran’s grandma treated Dilan cruelly, Baran is Dilan’s advocate. I hope they end happily and are happy together.


How to WatchKan ÇiçekleriSeries with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Kan Çiçekleri” on Youtube, EPISODE 1 (English Subtitles)

Watch all Episodes of “Kan Çiçekleri” on Youtube as Vendette, EPISODE 1 (Urdu dubbed)



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