Kerem Bürsin Turkish Dramas List

Kerem Bürsin is the Turkish most handsome model and popular actor. Kerem Bürsin started his Turkish tv career from Güneşi Beklerken in 2013. And some of Kerem Bürsin popular Turkish dramas are Güneşi Beklerken, Şeref Meselesi and Sen Çal Kapımı. As Kerem Bürsin in his earlier days lived in the US so he has done some US projects too. Kerem Bürsin started getting worldwide recognition while acting in Sen Çal Kapımı opposite Hande Erçel, which opened with high evaluations in Turkey. It was additionally offered to in excess of 57 nations. So let’s check out some of the best dramas of Kerem Bürsin you can’t miss. Kerem Bürsin Turkish Dramas List.

Kerem Bürsin


Kerem Bürsin Turkish Dramas List

6. Güneşi Beklerken (2013) 

English Name: Waiting for the Sun

Genre: College Romance

Starring: Hande Dogandemir, Kerem Bürsin


IMDb: 6.9

Güneşi Beklerken

Looking for a higher existence, Demet tries to convince her best daughter Zeynep to leave their domestic village. They move into Demet’s old buddy’s house Jale, and Zeynep is able to enroll in the identical personal university as where Jale works because of the major. Moving to a new massive city and a brand new school is found to be very difficult for Zeynep – and she or he reveals herself entering into combat against the school proprietor’s son, Kerem.



5. Şeref Meselesi (2014) 

English Name: Matter of Respect

Genre: Romantic, Action

Starring: Kerem Bürsin, Yasemin Kay Allen, Sukru Ozyildiz

IMDb: 6.8

Şeref Meselesi

Yigit and Emir are siblings with completely distinctive characters. Yigit is a smart and impulsive man, and a handsome womanizer who has braveness even though he has no formal education. Emir is the complete opposite of his brother he is a shy and introverted man who has recently completed law college. They stay happily with their circle of relatives in Ayvalik that’s a completely small county in Turkey. But their life changes all of a sudden when their dad commits suicide due to the mafia. So, Yigit and Emir search for taking revenge in their family but they pick out definitely exclusive approaches. Yigit takes the course of underworld whereas Emir takes the route of the rule of thumb of law.


4. Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek (2017) 

English Name: Heart of the City

Genre: Romantic

Starring: Kerem Bürsin, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu

IMDb: 6.4

Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek

Derin and Ali are two people from distinct worlds. Derin is the daughter of a rich guy, at the other side, Ali is a 28 years old boy who saw his mother being killed by his dad when he turned younger. So Rauf Anne took him as his son and now after many years he is again to Istanbul, wherein he’ll meet derin and that they start to figure out the fact approximately the night ali his father killed his mother.


3. Yaşayamayanlar (2018) 

English Name: Immortals

Genre: Romantic, Fantasy

Starring: Elçin Sangu, Kerem Bürsin

IMDb: 5.4


The plot is set in Istanbul and revolves across the vampire Mia who desires to kill the vampire Dmitry, who turned her into a vampire, in order that she will go back to being a human once more. To be capable of doing that, Mia first has to gain Dmitry’s self-assurance. The tale will start in Istanbul in the 1800s and stretch daily. Mia will work with younger rebels to break Dmitry, with a purpose to move the street at a luxurious nightclub in Istanbul.


2. Muhteșem İkili (2018) 

English Name: Perfect Team

Genre: Action drama

Starring: Kerem Bürsin, Ibrahim Celikkol

IMDb: 6.6

Muhteșem İkili

Mert Barca and Mustafa Kerim Can, who are the best policeman of their branch of Anatolia, are forced to come collectively for a drug operation. While Barca’s braveness ended in fulfillment with the intelligence of the CCP, these two guys, who’ve been trying to live far from each different for years, have obtained a commonplace enemy. The two policemen are compelled to set aside their problems with every different and fight collectively against their common enemies. Their enemies are very sturdy, their struggles are hard but they will be greater difficult to tolerate each other.


1. Sen Çal Kapımı (2020) 

English name: Love is in the Air, You Knock On My Door

Genre: Romantic, comedy

Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin

IMDb: 7.5

Sen Çal Kapımı

This love story is of Serkan and eda. Eda is a hardworking and ambitious girl who wants to pursue her education abroad through the scholarship but due to some reasons eda’s scholarship gets canceled and she thinks it all happened because of Serkan as he owns that company that provides scholarships to students. On the other hand, Serkan is a successful businessman but fails in his love life as her ex-girlfriend decides to marry someone else. So Serkan asks eda for a fake engagement as he assures her of a scholarship in return to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. So will they actually fall in love or not. To know this watch sen cal kapimi.


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