Kismet Tv Series 2023 – Cast, Story & How To Watch?

Kismet is a 2023 romantic comedy Turkish drama. Kismet has Cem Gelinoglu and Özge Özacar in main leads. Semih Bagci and Mahinur Ergun direct the series and write the story.



GENRERomantic comedy
STARRINGCem Gelinoglu and Özge Özacar
TELECAST PERIOD (16 june 2023-)
PRODUCERMehmet Yigit Alp and Fatih Aksoy

Kismet STORY:

Melike (Özge Özacar) is a young beautiful lady who belongs to a rich family, she is insensitive, impulsive, and immature and she is spoiled by her dad who is close to her, and understands her more than her mom.

Dogan (Cem Gelinoglu) is a lawyer, a mature man and he is very scared of his mom, always following her rules.

Melike is Dogan’s neighbor since they were children. Melike and Dogan have liked each other since childhood when they first meet but both never confess their love to each other and be just friends forever. Dogan never confesses his love to Melike as he thought she will never accept her because she is rich and he is just a middle-class person, even Dogan’s mom doesn’t like Melike, she thinks Melike is not suitable for Dogan. Melike is over-possessive about Dogan and never shares him with anyone.

Melike got married to Taner (Cenan Adigüzel) who is a psychopath and comes from a mafia family and loves Melike so much but Melike can’t handle Taner’s so much love and left that home and came back to her parent’s house, Dogan sees melike back to her parents home makes happy and both enjoy their time with each other but Dogan’s mom gets angry seeing Melike back. Taner knows that Dogan is Melike’s close friend, so he goes to him and tells him to convince Melike at gunpoint. So Dogan agrees to this and he convinces Melike to go back to her husband. Then later Dogan mom convinces him to marry his childhood friend Ceylan to which he agrees, on the day they are getting married, Melike goes there to interrupt there and it was the starting scene of the drama, and the story mentioned above is shown in Flashbacks.


Kismet series revolves around Dogan, a loved neighborhood lawyer, and his beautiful neighbor Melike, who, despite having recognized and loved each other long term, have never been able to get together as a couple. The story starts with Melike’s dramatic entrance at Dogan’s wedding ceremony on a motorbike, observed by way of kidnapping Dogan. Will Melike accept Dogan’s marriage? Will Dogan save Melike from Taner? Will both childhood lovers Dogan and Melike confess their love to each other?


Where to watch Kismet Turkish Drama with english subtitles:

To watch Kismet Turkish Drama with english subtitles search on Google “Kismet Episodes in english subtitles” and you will get the result. And you can watch it on YouTube in Turkish laungage without eng sub.

Kismet CAST:

Cem Gelinoglu – Dogan Saka

Özge Özacar – Melike

Cenan Adigüzel – Taner

Serdar Orçin – Reis

Arif Piskin – Namik

Kerem Kupaci – Cevdet

Zeynep Kankonde – Melda

Ece Yasar – Ceylan

Yeliz Sar – Sezen

Serhan Ernak – Muammer


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