Marasli (The Trusted) Story – Maraşlı Turkish Series 2021

Original Name: Maraşlı


English Name: The Trusted

Genre: Action, Thriller

Starring: Burak Deniz, Alina Boz

Episodes: 26 only

Telecast period: (11 January 2021 – 12 July 2021)


Telecast Network: ATVDirector: Arda Sarigun

Producer: TIMS & B Productions


Screenwriter: Ethem Ozisik, Hakan Bonomo, Ercan Ugur

Maraşlı Story:

Celal (Burak Deniz) is a young fellow who is from Maras, a city in the southeastern region of Turkey. Subsequently, he is known as Marasli (a person from Maras).

Marasli used to be a sergeant in special forces. His life changes after an event when her little girl is taken shot at the show quite a while back. After that misfortune, his girl never speaks. After this event, Marasli leaves his job to take care of her girl and work in a second-hand book store in Istanbul. He attempts to track down a solution for his girl’s trauma. Simultaneously, he tries to find the culprit responsible for her daughter’s situation.

Marasli's little girl is taken shot at the show quite a while back

At some point, a lovely young girl Mahur (Alina Boz) enters Marasli’s book shop. Mahur is a successful photographer who comes from a wealthy family. She roams around the back roads of Istanbul to take photos of ordinary lives.

After getting out of Marasli’s bookshop, Mahur goes to an abandoned processing plant region to take pictures. While taking photos, Mahur observes murder. She clearly sees a man wearing black clothes named Savas (Saygin Soysal) kill another man.

Mahur becomes stunned and attempts to run off from the crime location. In the interim, Marasli finds Mahur and saves her life. After this shocking event, their lives intersect and they end up on a similar boat.

The series shows the life of ex-soldier Marasli and his struggle to bring his daughter back from trauma to normal life and when his life intersects with a beautiful girl named Mahur. Will Marasli find the real culprit behind her daughter’s situation? Will Marasli’s and Mahur’s life change after that incident? Will savas find Mahur and Marasli? Will Marasli’s daughter recover from her trauma?

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