Son Yaz (Last Summer) TV Series 2021 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Son Yaz (last summer) is Crime Turkish Series that tells the story of Idealist Prosecutor Selim Kara (Ali Atay), who takes an offer to end organized crime in Istanbul With the help of one mafia leader Selçuk (Arif Pişkin), who was prisoned eight years ago. Selçuk Taşkın and Selim Kara are trying to destroy the whole criminal organization. But there is only one condition for this. The son of Selçuk, Akgün (Alperen Duymaz) will be in Selim Kara’s fierce protection…

GENRERomantic – Action – Crime
RELEASED YEAR 1 January 2021 To 13 October 2021
Production Company O3 Media

Son Yaz (Last Summer) Story

A man of the mafia Selcuk is in jail for 8 years because of his crime, now he is ready to inform the police about the names of his friends and their illegal business. But Selcuk has a condition that Prosecutor Selim must protect his son Akgun from the mafia.

Akgun is an aggressive person. Because of his father’s links to the mafia, he grew up in a risky environment. Akgun continues to use his father’s name in this dark environment even though he has been in prison for eight years. Akgun finds it difficult to accept the fact that his father will become a police witness to arrest the illegal business of his mafia people. Prosecutor Selim Accepts Selcuk’s condition and became the guardian of Akgun.

At first, Akgun is reluctant to go with Selim. But further, Akgun realizes that if the mafia people come to know that his father has become a police witness, then both he and his father will be killed.

Due to his work, Selim lives alone in Istanbul, away from his family. On the other side, his wife Canan, daughter Yagmur, and son Altay have created a life apart from their father in Çeşme.


Selim takes Akgun with him to Çeşme, Here Selim’s relationship with his wife Canan is deteriorating, and the matter comes to divorce. Divorce was the first problem in Selim’s life, but after bringing Akgun with him to Çeşme, more problems come upon him. Selim must make every effort to keep his marriage intact.

Canan Kara, also a lawyer who has taken time off to raise her children and is quite anxious about returning to work, gets pushed by Yagmur. She is the adhesive that keeps her family together, and she still has a love for Selim even though he has been avoiding them for a while now. The oldest child of Selim and Canan, Yagmur, is enthusiastic about going into law like her parents. She is smart and persistent, and she refuses to see her father again. Here Akgun meets Yagmur. Along with Canan, her children Yagmur and Altay are not happy about Akgun’s arrival.


For Akgun, things will get worse when he discovers that Selim Kara is the prosecutor who imprisoned his father in the past. So what will happen next? To know more watch Son Yaz.

Son Yaz (Last Summer) Cast

Alperen Duymaz as Akgun

Ali Atay as Selim Kara

Funda Erygit as Canan Kara

Hafsanur Sancaktutan as Yagmur

Kara Olgun Toker as Gökhan Sen

Arif Piskin as Selcuk Taskin

Birce Akalay As Sare Akay

How to watch Son Yaz with English Subtitles?

Watch Son Yaz on YouTube with English subtitles.

Watch Son Yaz on Atrangii App in Hindi Dubbed.


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