Taş kağıt makas TV Series (2024) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Taş kağıt makas is the story of Umut, who has the problem of not forgetting anything and becomes a lawyer to prove his father’s innocence, fighting with an evil family.

ORIGINAL NAMETaş kağıt makas
ENGLISH NAMERock Paper Scissors
GENREAction Mystery Thriller
Serra Arıtürk
Ozan Güven
Burak Yörük
Bülent Seyran
TELECAST PERIOD February 28, 2024
EPISODES1 (ongoing)
DIRECTORYusuf Pirhasan
Production CompanyMF Production
MusicAtakan Ilgazdağ


With remarkable recall, Umut (Ekin Koç) can recall every detail of every moment he has ever experienced. In his quest to establish his father’s innocence, he once more makes use of this super memory. After a memorable encounter with Alev (Serra Arıtürk) on the city bus, Umut finds the strongest ally in his quest for his father’s justice. Kadri (Hüseyin Avni Danyal), the pivotal player bridging the gap between the criminal and commercial worlds, Fecir (Burak Yörük), an uncontrollable sociopath, Public Prosecutor Süreyya (Hande Ataizi), one of the most powerful figures in the legal community, and Harun (Ozan Güven), with his anti-system legal style and sharp mind. The audience will be profoundly impacted by Umut’s battle with his father’s Alzheimer’s disease and the shifting dynamic between the two.

Father and son, Umut and Rıza, inhabit a small world together. Rıza, a plaza worker who cleans floors, dedicates his life to his kid Umut. Umut, a regular person, suffers from an uncommon illness called hyperthymesia.

Umut has been dealing with hyperthymesia since he was a little child, hence he has never forgotten anything that he has seen or heard. This feature has the potential to be both a miracle and an impending disaster at different times. One morning, Umut awakens to a day that completely upends his existence. Rıza, his father, is being held for allegedly committing a murder. Furthermore, Rıza doesn’t recall anything from that evening. All of a sudden, Umut and Riza are in hell.

The fast-talking name of Istanbul nights, Fecir Emirkıran, has recently returned from London to the nation that bears his name. Fecir presses for the arrest of Kadri Palaz, with whom he got into a fight. Nevertheless, Kadri’s lawyer changes every balance. Fecir gets into legal difficulties when he employs the unusual tactics and attitude of colourful personality Harun Yakar. However, Harun also struck the hard rock. Does he have what it takes to save his brother Kadri Palaz, who holds a special place in his heart, from the inside out?



Ekin KoçAs Umut
Serra ArıtürkAs Alev
Burak YörükAs Fecir
Ozan GüvenAs Harun Yakar
Bülent SeyranAs Riza
Hüseyin Avni DanyalAs Kadri

How to Watch Taş kağıt makas Series with English Subtitles

Watch all episodes of “Taş kağıt makas” on Dailymotion, EPISODE 1


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