Viola Come Il Mare TV Series 2022 – Cast, Story & How to Watch?

Viola Come Il Mare, is an Italian Television Series released on 30 September 2022. Viola has Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman as the main leads. Can Yaman who is a Turkish actor and Viola is his first Italian series and because of the massive audience love from Italy he has accepted this project and shifted from Turkey to Italy for shooting his Italian series and he had learned fluent Italian language. The Viola series has 2 seasons where its first season is completed and it is confirmed that the second season will release next year.


GENREAction Comedy drama
STARRINGFrancesca Chillemi and Can Yaman
TELECAST PERIOD (September 30, 2022 – November 4, 2022)
EPISODES12 Episodes (Season 1)
12 Episodes (Season 2 Premiere 2024)
TELCAST NETWORKCanale 5 / Netflix
DIRECTORFrancesco Vicario
PRODUCERLux Vide, RTI Reti Televisive Italiane
SCREENWRITERElena Bucaccio, Silvia Leuzzi, Simona Tanzini

Viola Come Il Mare STORY:

Viola Vitale (Francesca Chillemi) a gorgeous and magnetic woman who has always worked in the field of fashion journalism, and she have rare neurological syndrome comes to a decision to transport from Paris to Palermo (her hometown) to get on search of her father, whom she has by no means met. She finds herself a job within the editorial workplace of Sicilia WebNews wherein, she is entrusted with crime reporting. It is during the first research that she meets Francesco Demir (Can Yaman), a charismatic and seductive commissioner with top investigative talent, but little faith in humanity because of his childhood trauma and in fact, the polar opposite of Viola. Highly intuitive on the job, Demir is also impulsive and given to bending the rules.

The pair work together by means of murder instances, she as a reporter, he as a cop. Hugely tough at the beginning, given the clash of opposites, in time they learn how to collaborate efficaciously. In part due to the fact Viola can anticipate her unique gift, (synesthesia). Synesthesia isn’t simply a discernment of speech, but additionally the actual spontaneous and uncontrollable blending of a couple of senses – sight and listening, for instance. Because of this Viola proves to be a treasured ally for Demir and from an early age she is able to tell the nature of humans from seemingly invisible signs and symptoms.

In Viola’s case, she combines feelings with colors. When she looks at someone, she sees a coloration they give off, permitting her to read their deepest, possibly hidden, (feelings, worry, pleasure, ache). Viola develops the capability to comprehend the true mindsets of human beings she encounters. However, she has a mystery of her life to solve and find her father which is her actual purpose for returning to Palermo. And the reason behind Viola’s synesthesia will only be encountered by her father as he can shed light on this curious ability of hers.

Viola is a crime action-based Italian series that will also give you romance and comedy in between its thriller cases and it will be more enjoyable to see Viola and Demir falling for each other. And between all this will Viola be able to find her father? Will Demir be able to start trusting humans again? Will Viola and Demir be able to solve cases together without any differences? Will Viola and Demir confront their love for each other?


Viola Come Il Mare CAST:

Francesca Chillemi : Viola Vitale


Can Yaman : Francesco Demir

Simona Cavallari : Claudia Foresi

Mario Scerbo : Alex Leonardi

Chiara Tron : Tamara Graziosi

Ruben La Malfa : Carmel

Giovanni Nasta : Turi D’Agata

Daniele Virzi : Rosary

David Coco : Holy Buscemi

Tommaso Basili : Dominic Parisi

Nathalie Rapti Gomez : Daria Mandala

Romano Reggiani : Raniero Sammartano

Valeria Milillo : Sonia

Alessia D’Anna : Fiorella

Davide Dolores : Doctor Pierangelo Aiello

Kyshan Wilson : Farah

How To Watch Viola Come Il Mare TV Series With English Subtitles?

Viola Come Il Mare is available on Netflix With Subtitles.


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