Yabani TV Series (2023) – Cast, Story & How to watch?

Yabani (The Wild) is a new Turkish series that tells the story of a boy who was kidnapped from a wealthy family at the age of Five and thrown in the streets. Ali returns home as Yaman after seventeen years. The story follows the young man’s battle to change himself into “Yaman Ali”.

STARRINGHalit Özgür Sarı
Simay Barlas
Dolunay Soysert
TELECAST PERIOD 12 September 2023
EPISODES7 (Ongoing)
DIRECTORçagatay tosun
PRODUCERFatih Aksoy & Mehmet Yiğit Alp
Production CompanyNTC Media


Yaman (Halit Özgür Sarı), who has struggled to survive on the streets for as long as he can remember, started a family with Cesur, Asi, and Umut, whose paths crossed. Unaware that they have fallen, these four young people leave their childhood traumas behind and embrace each other. They chose to hold on. They are happy despite the difficult conditions they living in. Among these four, Umut is a handicapped person who has no legs, but after treatment of his legs, Umut can walk again.

Soysalans is a reputed hospital in Istanbul, owned by Serhan Soysalan (Yurdaer Okur). To cover the losses of his hospital, Serhan circulates a false story that a miracle doctor from America has come to his hospital and can cure any disease, After which advance booking of up to 2 months is done in advance in the hospital. Hearing this news, Yaman and his friends are also happy, and they decide that they will get the treatment for Umut’s legs from the miracle doctor, but their problem is the cost of the treatment which is up to 1000 dollars.
However, Neslihan (Dolunay Soysert) is a surgeon who promises to help Yaman but when Serhan finds out that Neslihan is performing an expensive surgery for free, he comes and orders the guards to throw Yaman and his friends from the hospital. and Umut’s surgery was not done.

Things become more problematic when Yaman meets Rüya (Simay Barlas), a stunning girl from the wealthy part of town, Yaman has to save her boyfriend Alaz (Bertan Aslanı ) who almost overdosed on Drugs. He takes Alaz to his mother, a senior surgeon. Later, to take revenge on Yaman for disclosing his drug issue to his mother, Alaz goes to Yaman’s house and beats up his friend Cesur.

Soysalans is a rich family in Istanbul, they have a reputed hospital, Serhan and Neslihan are married and have 4 children, Alaz, Çağla, Ece, and Ali. Neslihan’s first son, Ali, was lost at the age of 5, after which Neslihan and his entire family searched for Ali and couldn’t find him anywhere, and now it’s been 17 years. but Ali has not been found and every day Neslihan remembers her son Ali and is confident that Ali will come back someday.


Halit Özgür Sarı As Yaman
Simay Barlas As Rüya
Dolunay Soysert As Neslihan Soylan
Yurdaer Okur As Serhan Soylan


Bertan Aslanı As Alaz Soysalan

How To Watch “Yabani” with English Subtitles?

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