Gülcemal TV Series Cast & Story 2023 – Gülcemal with English subtitles

Gülcemal is a Romantic Thriller Turkish series that tells the story of Gülcemal who was abandoned by his mother as a kid. years later he vows to get revenge on the mom and her new family, while also falling in love with her adopted daughter. Starring Murat Ünalmış As Gülcemal and Melis Sezen As Deva. Gülcemal is aired on FOX TV every Thursday at 20.00!


Gülcemal Story

The life of Gülcemal and Gülendam, two siblings whose mother left when they were children to run away to another man, is shattered by their mother’s departure. Growing up in difficulties, the two brothers return to Bursa after years, establishing an enviable life for themselves. Gülcemal’s only goal is to take revenge on her mother. She will take everything from him, eventually needing his door, and his mother will say to him, “I’m glad I gave birth to you, son.” Gülcemal is a strong and ruthless man who hides her motherlessness in the wound of childhood and never closes that wound.

It is about the love of Gülcemal (Murat Ünalmış), whom her mother abandoned when she was a child and turned into a dark monster, and the beautiful Deva (Melis Sezen), which started with hatred and then drifted into the whirlpool of fire, passion, and storm. Or will the grudge he has harbored for years prevail? On this path full of costs, will Gülcemal turn from being a vicious hunter to open prey? What about Deva? When he finally surrenders, will he understand that this love is impossible?

Series Name: Gülcemal

Genre: Romantic – Revenge

Episodes: 2 (Ongoing)


Aired on: FOX TV

Produced by: MF YAPIM


Written by: Eda Tezcan

Directed by: Yusuf Pirhasan Çalışkan

How to watch Gülcemal series with English Subtitles?

Watch Gülcemal series episodes on the Turkish123 website.


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